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    This is stunning @jones-y-gog as you say very ornate. The ceiling is beautiful, I love how intact it all is Really quite something special Your pics do it justice nicely.
  3. I really didnt know what to expect when I opened this up but pleasantly surprised. Some very interesting military history right there. Found it an interesting read and pics back it up nicely. I really like that dor in the first shot
  4. History Chamberlin & Hill Castings Ltd have been manufacturing in Leicester since 1864 and are part of the successful Chamberlin & Hill plc group. They produce castings from 0.1 kgs to 6000 kgs supplying product for turbines, transmissions, oil and gas compressors, earth moving equipment, vacuum pumps and more. Metal types include Ductile Iron (SG Iron), Grey Iron and Alloyed Iron. The company is also a world leader using Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI). Medium castings were done at the Leicester site. Chamberlin & Hill Castings Ltd is the result of two successful foundries joining together. The existing company scattered around various sites company currently has 200 employees and a turnover of over £19 million. With demand for products produced here repidly decreasing the company decided to close at the end of 2016. Explore After seeing this pop up from AndyK! me and @hamtagger decided to venture over to Leicester, picking up @Session9 on the way! After finding our way in relatively quickly, we made our way through the place. The place is a nice size, dotted with various rooms used for offices and laboratories and obviously the workshops and main There is such a vast amount of stuff still here but with only having closed at the end of last year explains why. So much to see and we spent quite a few hours just wandering. Doing what I normally do and venturing off on my own from the others I was happily just looking around the place. I walked up some stairs and needed the loo. I decided to just take some pics of the few rooms upstairs before going so off I went. On the way back I walked down a little alley bit to go to the toilet. On the way I heard someone coughing. I stopped and suddenly realised that they didnt sound at all like anyone I was with so made my way back downstairs. I found a little dark corner and texted hamtagger to ask if he or session9 had just been to the toilet. He replied "No!". Oh great. So I went to find them who were on the other side of the building and get that section done. Convinced that either there was someone else in there or they were playing a joke on me we actually got round alot of the place. It was only when we went back upstairs to do the offices that upon glancing outside we saw secca walking about glancing up at the windows. The offices were only right above his office. Well, we stayed put and went right to the top. We heard him come up stairs, have another pee quite loudly and when he walked up nearly had a heart attack when he walked in to the room and saw us all stood there. Pretty friendly bloke though and kindly allowed us to walk out the front gate All in all a great explore, definitely one I would return to. Anyway, enough of my rambling and on to the pics. 1 2 3 4 I didnt take a crooked pic, I just liked how the labels were wonky 5 6 7 8 9 10 A lot of machines here bearing the same logo for Wadkin, the same company I believe which closed some years ago too also from Leicester. 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Thanks for looking!
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    Deary me, that place is proper fooked.
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    Hey, that would have been lovely in its day. I have edited the title to add the location
  7. Nice building and still a lot of things inside. Great set.
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    Damn that's nice m8ty. Love me my farms cottages etc. Nice post
  9. New Zealand

    Holy crapballs I'm liking that. Belter that m8ty
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    Ok my first of 2017. Ready Holy Fuckballs that's nice right there. Jeez I could spend hours looking and reading them bottles. Thx scrappy that's epic.
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    Really nice that m8ty. Can't wait for my Wales trip soon. After fights in London of course . Only 5 days away can't bloody wait. Hope ya good m8ty. Speak soin
  12. That's way too nice for you @The_Raw m8ty. Should deffo be all mine lol. Great post m8ty of a lovely place
  13. What an interesting place. Pretty damn clean too. Nice post m8ty and one I ain't seen.
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    Some great shots there m8ty. Great post
  15. Belgium

    Nice that. Deffo some kinky shit been going on with them handcuffs and probably still is lol. Great post
  16. Awesome that m8ty. Liking them old sinks and that stunning fireplace room.
  17. Last week
  18. This was a great chilled back explore. Shame.
  19. Saw a video of its demise a few days ago :-( not sure about overrated - even looking at the frontage was great in pictures.
  20. Cheers for the heads up, at least it's done until some chavvy Twat fancies a laugh....
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    Great pics there.I never forget when I spotted this place and went in.I was well pleased.nothing had been glad you liked it
  22. Thanks for the update on both of these @urbexpm and useful to know Sadly it pretty much sums up the way 'the scene' works. Sabre cottage got a lot of attention for a while and tbh I know what you mean - it wouldn't have been a surprise if the same kind of imbecile who took the pram would have taken some stuffed animals...
  23. Looks awesome that and some top pics !
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    Oh dear, beyond economic repair I'd say
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    Sure is Andy.
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    We seem it but some of my reports are the first places we ever explored so playing catch up lol. Hoping to have all of them up before tomorrow before we go away and do more exploring lol.
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