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    As others have said, I cant believe its still standing and being posted. If it wasnt so wet im sure it would have been burnt to the ground by now!!
  3. Italy

    thats really cool mate. I'd like to see this...really need to get out to Italy this year!
  4. UK

    looks good. Nice photos too
  5. Hi. I've just joined and am a novice explorer with good camera skills and a love of WW2 and Cold War fortifications, bunkers and anything with character and some history. I live in Barnet which is either very north London or just Hertfordshire. Looking for anyone in the area with similar interest and for advice and help in getting started. I've been a longtime fan of this site and the work you guys do and felt it was time to join and see some sites before they are all gone. I've just turned 40 and this was on my list. It was this or WW2 reenactments but I couldn't justify the cost! All respect to them but it's just too far out of my budget (some of the kit is astronomical). Also it's a bit too much like Dads Army for me. I can help with logistics, carrying stuff, making great food and drink, lighting and general enthusiasm and respect for others and the places visited. I want to see more before all traces of WW2 or anything pre 2000 is wiped off the map and replaced with flats. Keep up all the great work and serious respect to your photos as they are pieces of artwork
  6. Hi

    Ive just joined as I'm an avid reader of this site. I live in North West London and am a keen photographer with an interest in WW2 and Cold War fortifications and structures but am a novice explorer. I'm hoping to connect with people in or near me to further my exploring. The photography I've seen on the site is amazing and a lot of the shots pass as fine art. You guys must make large prints of some of your work as it's truly beautiful and only improved by being printed and framed. My only exploring experience has been local air raid shelters and the French town of Oradour-sur-Glan. A large shelter in a Mill Hill park was opened by local kids who wouldn't go in. I did and found an amazing shelter that went far underneath a semi rural open space. I planned to return the next day but found the council had not only closed it permanently but collapsed it, ruining the chance to explore forever. We would gladly drive and transport anybody local who is up for a trip. I've spent endless hours looking at photos here and really want to be a part of something this important as so many sites are disappearing at an alarming rate. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and keep up the great work. 

  7. Nice shots, really like the stained glass window.
  8. I had a few days off last month so decided to go to Dyson. As you can see it was quite foggy which made the whole thing feel pretty creepy, solo explore as well. lotta fun. I will be doing a revisit at some point and hopefully with a drone The building, in Sheffield, closed its doors in 2006 and since then the gutted remains have been left to rust. The Dyson Group, founded by John Dyson, opened their first factory in Sheffield in 1834 at the tail end of the Industrial Revolution, before later moving to this site. Using new software to edit videos so should be a big improvement in quality!
  9. Yesterday
  10. Very colourful shots, pretty damn cool looking place so thanks for posting
  11. Thanks everyone Apologies for missing the replies to this whole thread I've heard the place has had a bit of a "clearout" recently unfortunately. More recent reports i've seen showing the result of sticky fingers
  12. Great find there fella! Nicely photographed as well
  13. Nice one, I really like the ceiling from the sixth picture.
  14. I especially like the piano and your detail shots.
  15. The murals and the ceiling with the dome are great.
  16. After having been offline for months, it was time to work on some pics again. Yeah, cool… 1 set down. 500+ to go…. Brief history; In 1913 this rather pretty brick church was build. Back in the day it belonged to Russia or Ukraine, not sure. After the 2nd WW, it was given back to Poland and wasn't used as a church after that time. Until 1990 it served it’s purpose as storage space/warehouse and was abandoned after that time, in desperate need for repair. Even though there’s nothing left inside, it was still a nice place to spent an hour and take some snaps. The murals are in exceptional condition, considering it’s been left to rot for many years. Hopefully one day it’ll be restored to its full glory, although I doubt it ever will be. So on with the shots; 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Thanks for looking... Cheers!
  17. The Royalty Cinema, Birmingham - Jan 2017 So yet again, a very slight backlog going on here but nowhere near as bad as before! Mookster, two Newbie explorers (friends of mine) and myself visited The Royalty in Birmingham on the start of a big road trip of the midlands. I had wanted to do this one for quite some time, so I made it the main spot for the day. We arrived around 7am, but it was far too dark, so off to a greasy spoon we went till it got a bit lighter! This is a bit of a funny one really as it used to be occupied by a Hand Car Wash who used the old car park, and access was allegedly through various different ways. I once rocked up outside about two years ago, but never actually explored it then so it was good to finally see it! - The Royalty was opened on 20th October 1930 with Maurice Chevalier's "The Love Parade".The cinema was built for and operated by the local independent Selly Oak Pictures Ltd. Eventually the site was taken over by the Associated British Cinemas(ABC) chain in March 1935. The site was closed by ABC on the 2nd November 1963 with Cliff Robertson in "P.T.109". It was later converted into an Alpha Bingo Club (operated by ABC) and later a Mecca Bingo Club. By 2010 it was operated as a Gala Bingo Club which closed around 2012. In the summer of 2011, the Royalty Cinema was designated a Grade II Listed building by English Heritage. in 2012, police raided the site when a large scale weed farm was found in the attic. In 2017 the site stands derelict but there is hope on the horizon with local rumours of it reopening as a cinema. What a beauty she is as well. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 More At:
  18. Well there you go, thats been well and truly cleared out. Looks like it never got its "Heston" treatment
  19. Situated on a main road from England into Wales this place shut down back in 2012 when a number of the restaurants were closed, it's been empty ever since. Seemingly well secured I never investigated until I passed early this year and noticed the front door was wide open. Being recently shut it was in relatively good nick, but the back door had in fact been knocked in some time ago. I didn't stay too long as it's quite open but took the time to get as many snaps as I dared. I'm glad I did, a couple of weeks after the doors and windows were sealed shut and boarded up. Thanks for looking.
  20. I've driven past this place many times but only recently realised it was empty as I passed it on a day out to explore, I know nothing of its history but deduce it's been empty around 5 years according to magazines found inside. It's situated in Mid Wales on a main road and the gardens are quite overgrown, thankfully this time of year the greenery is manageable! All doors were closed but thankfully one of them wasn't locked. There is also an outbuilding next door which I didn't have time to check out properly to see if there was access, next time maybe. Thanks for looking.
  21. What a find! Interesting history and some lovely shots to go with it did you take it for a spin??
  22. Last week
  23. Nice smooth footage there Makes a nice change from some of the shaky, blurry 59 minute shite you see on forums most of the time
  24. So its been well over a year since I last posted anything, and thought its about time I started up again! Since the brickworks was quite close, I decided to go have a mooch around and do some filming. Quiet explore with no interruptions
  25. Germany

    Lovely place that, must have been one important dude in his time!
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