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  2. Stonker that m8ty. And some cracking shots great stuff
  3. UK

    Good old scout. Great stuff m8ty. Good to see again.
  4. New Zealand

    Loved reading that m8ty. Great pics great post thanks
  5. Jesus that's some stuff left there. Very sad that's what's become of someone's stuff/home. Bet it took ya a day to wash off the smell m8ty lol... Great stuff
  6. UK

    Really well put together that, looks very professional and had an advertisement feel to it
  7. So here we have an abandoned quarry in Suffolk. Having a look online I can't find any info about the site. Apparently there was some work done here in 2016. It doesn't seem that way to me. Anyway just a short video I put together. Not much to see here but the aggregate sorter. Thanks for watching.
  8. UK

    That's a really nice place. Nice amount of stuff left and not too cluttered.
  9. Last week
  10. UK

    I don't think I can remember an explore where you haven't emptied your bowels! Fuck sitting on that toilet though! Your a braver man than me. Hovering is where it's at nice set, was a nice little mooch this
  11. Oakwood Farm The Explore A farm in Norfolk with a blue toilet which I liked. Good quality mahogany seat which was a bit dusty and the flush was defective. Toilet roll was scratchy on the anus area and dusty too. A farmer and his wife and possibly kids lived here at some point in the past. My guess is the farmer liked cars. There were lots of things to photograph here and from my 1% memory of this 'explore' that room with the wardrobe was pitch black and I called my camera lots of names that day, when in reality it was my inability to use it correctly that was the problem. And I had a poo there, while @Urbexbandoned laughed and photographed me, but that's the norm for pretty much every time we're out exploring. The History A farm in Norfolk where nobody lives anymore. The whole extended family died and it became a derp. The Pictures 1. 2. Vaseline - Empty... 3. Something for the bum grapes 4. 5. The dark room which was a twat to photograph.. 6. 7. "with 3 doors!" 8. 9. There was pretty much nothing in this room apart from this old tea box. 10. 11. Impactual eeriebex photo showing some kind of past.. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. Thanks for having a look and feedback always appreciated
  12. Amazing artwork on those ceilings Nicely shot too
  13. Worth it for that staircase alone mate, great photos
  14. Looks alright in BW that mate, especially the gloopy shot No idea what those udders are for either . Plus there was a fag in that embassy box, i'd have smoked that bad boy
  15. Hello folks! This site is quite well known I would say - workers left the site for the last time in 2007. It was opened in 1962 as Ferodo brake components and all was dandy for almost 40 years until it was taken over by Friction Dynamics then things went tits up. It was the scene of one of the longest running industrial disputes ever with the T&GW union that lasted 2 and a half years. In the 10 years since it closed its been ravaged by storms, fire, general vandalism and corrosion due to the coastal location. So its an understatement to say its in pretty poor shape! Still, that doesn't mean I didn't find it interesting. I was actually walking to my sisters house to pick up my car and happened to be walking past so popped in to look around. I expected to see a complete dead loss, the kind of place its not worth taking the camera out of the bag. But I saw plenty to decide I'd come back with my camera gear. I decided to do something totally radical that I hadn't done before - do the entire set in Black & White. Here goes..... There are 3 separate buildings, this one housed the heavy industry, generating the power. The second building is the admin block Not so much left in there so onwards to the main building which is VAST! This is probably what most people will see when first entering, although there must be at least 20 other access points! There is a building inside the building I'd be interested to know what these big hanging things are/were in the next 2 pics And this is what held them in place up in the roof Sometimes when there's no epic stuff its the little things, the traces of what's left that I find fascinating. At some point this gloopy stuff had leaked and then set rock solid No security here but I was worried about projectiles of shit from above - a seagull with attitude dropped one a couple of feet away as I took this external
  16. Nice one, saw this on facey a while ago
  17. Normally, the abandoned Belgian Wolvenhof castle (BE, Province of West Flanders) can't be visited. But due to many requests, the city of Izegem decided to open it for photographers for one day, on 09. September 2017. For this, a written application must be submitted in advance:
  18. The castle, built in 1913, became known under the pseudonym "du loup". After several years of vacancy, from 2010 it was inhabited for a short term. Now it's uninhabited again. Due to many requests, the city of Izegem decided to open it for photographers for one day, on 09. September 2017 (that's the reason for my post in the forum now, maybe someone is interested in it. For this, a written application must be submitted in advance: ). --- My visit was in May 2010. I thought the building was still abandoned, but a new resident recently had moved in. So I rang the bell, and after a short conversation he gave me permission to take some pictures. But he had little time and I got only about 15 minutes for this. So I really had to hurry, to photograph the rooms I was allowed to enter... 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
  19. France

    Missed this when posted! Soz Agree with @Andy, I like 30 and that ripply effect in 31 too
  20. New Zealand

    Steeped in history that place
  21. Very nice building and fantastic inside. Great set.
  22. That's a bit fucking tasty! Nice work Lav
  23. UK

    Spot on that mate @The_Raw . I should really make a trip over there as these places really interest me
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