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    Hi, unfortunately people generally won't give out locations for places to unknown members. Best advice is to do a bit of research on the internet and find some places for yourself, then post up your reports so we can see them, and you'll probably find people are a bit more forthcoming with information etc. Good luck @E.Lou667
  3. Ahh I like that mate, prefer the natural rock to bricks personally
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  5. Nicely photographed @Andy!!! This was a great trip
  6. A small underground cistern in Germany. Unfortunately, I have no information about the architectural history or how long it was in use. Visited with @The_Raw, @Miss.Anthrope and @MiaroDigital. 1 2 3 4 5 6
  7. Oh my, that turbine! Love this, and that last picture in the video is amazing
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    Hi, do you have anymore information on where this place is? I am a student and have been looking for a place to do photography, with abandoned cars, for a while and this fits what I am looking for perfectly. If you could let me know any more location details then that would be fantastic! Thanks Em
  9. Belgium

    Thanks guys! The graffiti is a shame indeed. @The_Raw @Dubbed Navigator @Andy
  10. Tkvarcheli is a town in the eastern part of Abkhazia. During the War in Abkhazia (1992-3), Tkvarcheli withstood an uneasy siege by the Georgian forces. The town's power plant was bombed in the first days of the siege and then shut down.
  11. That's really nice and some great pics too.
  12. UK

    Nice m8ty. You gonna be missed on fri. But there will be other times. Speak soon. Looks a place to blow a hour or so . Some bits still left cheers for post m8ty
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  14. Italy

    Yeah I know what you mean, the more easy access the less relaxing!
  15. History (Forgotten Relics) This is the old severn tunnel that connected to the old railway bridge over the river Severn. Built by the Severn Bridge Railway Company between 1875-78, this 506-yard tunnel formed part of the western approach route to a mammoth cast iron rail bridge of 4,162 feet which spanned the river, joining the village of Purton on the west bank to Sharpness on the east. One man died during the tunnel's construction which, although built for two tracks, only ever accommodated one. Both masonry side walls incorporate several refuges whilst the brick roof has been supported with rail and timber in a couple of places. From the south, the line entered on a gentle curve of 120 chains radius, climbing towards the north end on a gradient of 1:132 before levelling out about 60 yards from the entrance. The line was cut by the partial collapse of the Severn Rail Bridge in October 1960 after being struck by two barges in thick fog. Two rail tours used the line through the tunnel to reach Severn Bridge Station in April 1964. The track was finally lifted in 1968-69. Pics The old railway bridge before it was demolished in 1960 Thanks for looking
  16. I lived in chelmsford for like 15 years, and never knew about this., Thats quite embarrasing!
  17. UK

    Thanks a lot man. Am really pleased with this. Yeah I still take pics, just been lazy n revisiting local spots to make films.
  18. Welcome to OS!
  19. Belgium

    Beautiful old cars. But the graffiti are a shame.
  20. UK

    Even if quite in a mess, still very nice and interesting. Great with the many pianos and the lot of details.
  21. Sad state. The building has seen better days...
  22. UK

    It's a nice little place. I especially like the first and third pics.
  23. Looks very nice. My favorite is the fourth pic.
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