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  2. have someone watch it with you.see if they hear them....the voices are very clear...a man saying judith sounds as clear as anything
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  4. Hello AleXplore, Welcome to Oblivion State. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. AleXplore joined on the 04/22/2018. View Member
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  6. I'm sorry, but I absolutely can't hear any voices on the video. Althought I watched it a second time at maximum volume. All I can hear are your own sounds: only sounds of your movements through this messy house. In my view, it's simply imagination to hear voices there. Sorry, but that's my opinion ...
  7. this house always gave me the creeps as i drove by..then i noticed it was abadoned...I asked around and found out A Mrs Coffee live there..known as the town meanie..she had a hard life..her only son was killed in a car accident..her husband committed sucide..she had a daughter but noone knew anything about her... The basement held the sad reminders..a buys and girls bike for children long gone... the old lady had started hoarding... the house was unlivable who knows how she got around books were everywhere several rooms were so pack all i could do was poke my camera in the door that painting came home with me.. this was the master bedroom..it was impassable i think the old lady slept in the bathtub now to the really creepy room...judging by the art it looks like late 60s early 70's wow weaird as hell..seems the daught noone knew about left as a young child or died with the brother in the same accident...because her bed room is largly unchanged since the 1970s A very strange room the kitchen was the only toom in the hoiuse that seemed normal it was once a nice house.. i watched as workers picked over the house..i saw them smiling with arm fulls of stuff they decided to keep...i went in a few more times to find it almost completely stripped...i found dolls in unopened boxes..it was near chirstmas time so i took them and out them in the donation boxes for kids..before the other scavangers could grab them..they tore the house down..and quickly built another who sold quickly a new familt now lives on this spot.... I caught several voices thought my walkthough gost of this haunted doll house...makes me wonder if the new house is haunted too...
  8. Hello Noble Exploration, Welcome to Oblivion State. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Noble Exploration joined on the 04/21/2018. View Member
  9. Such beautiful photos! This is another awesome place! I need to go to Italy! I've not traveled out of the U.S sadly....haven't really traveled that far even within the U.S
  10. This is such a pretty place!! Love the photos! I love the slotted doors and curved hallways
  11. Even though it's empty it's a really cool place I think!
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  13. hey thanks, i'll make an effort on writeup on my next post then ^^ and maybe stick to 1000px wide photos as they somehow look strange in the browser when resized :s cheers
  14. The place, and your photos are incredible. If it had a bit more of a writeup, i'd select it for staff picks. The B&W especially, but the all round details is amazing.
  15. Thats really nice, i love the interior, very grand I imagine in its day! Those ceilings are amazing! lovely set of pics Thanks for sharing
  16. Welcome to the forum nice to see something new and i agree with Andy, I like those older style machines. I look forward to seeing some more posts from you
  17. i really like this, aside from the fact that the ceiling has been wallpapered in one room which impressed me loads haha I love it. I am in awe of the decor and the dinginess I particularly like number 3 , great pics Andy
  18. Sorry I missed your reply! Thank you! I'm glad you like the photo
  19. Sure! This factory was built in 1925, and in its best times gave work to more than 400 people. It was one of the most important textile factories in the area, but during the 70 'it suffered a severe crisis, and at the beginning of the 90 it closed definitively. A curious fact: An important Catalan poet worked there.
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  21. A former powerplant that ran on gas from blast furnaces, now being demolished. ----
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