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  2. I think so. Someone had already told me the same... Yes, maybe, they wanted to build another station, but then discovered water underground and now checking if it's safe to build it there.
  3. Thanks for the embed. I attempted to do it but got puzzled and tired Much appreciated. It was made by a friend at ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) so he had access to some good equipment. From start to finish it was probably about 6 months work. I had a ball. I recorded the voice over for the comic strip in a recording studio, got to see some pretty cool things in an old TV studio (since shut down) and just being involved in all the behind the scenes stuff was great. Thanks bud Doug Thanks bud
  4. Smudges 1st ever photographic report - may 2018 Smudges has been known by numerous other names over the years from The Crofters Arms Hotel to McGees to Moghuls Palace but has always retained it's charm and character. A true time capsule rotting away in the heart of Bolton. Featuring some stunning hand-carved bars and one of two of this type of revolving doors that exist the other located in a grand hotel in London. The Urban Collective We Film It... Thank you for checking out my pics guys! Clarky The Urban Collective We Film It...
  5. Smudges A.K.A The Crofters Arms Hotel and McGees first ever video report May 2018 The Urban Collective We Film It...
  6. Quality stuff Doug, always been a big fan of the CC, a good watch that
  7. A large hospital,build in the 60's and will be demolished soon. It was one of the hospitals where they also removed the lamps and tables in the OK room. But still a nice location for a Saturday with a nice staircase. More can be found on my flickr page. http:// https://www.flickr.com/photos/94301594@N07/albums
  8. This is one of the few YouTube vids i'm actually quite interested in watching the whole length of when I have the time. Bet it took ages to make! I've edited your post to embed the vid, looks far better.
  9. Think we know why that place has been trashed, Rave.....
  10. Nice effort this. Quite interesting. What camera are you using? it would pay you to spend a little time light painting, although considering the circumstances you may not have opportunity.
  11. Preferences are preferences, at the end of the day you need to do what you are comfortable with or you wont enjoy it
  12. I reckon this chap went out with a headache!
  13. I guess this shows how important it is to havea backup if you are making a trek...
  14. Sensors would be for ground movement i expect.
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  16. Hi all, we are back already with another video! This time we had been tipped off of an abandoned Chinese resturant in Southampton and what an explore it was! It turns out that everything had been left behind although the place being slightly trashed. I couldn't find to much in regards to history of this place but I don't think it's too extensive but after looking at the reviews it seems pretty obvious why this place was closed down as it was stated as having terrible customer service and wasn't very hygenic. Hope you like the video, like always open to feedback. I am looking at getting new equipment to help with low light so please bear with me!
  17. Thanks Dubbed, Appreciate the feedback! Starting to get back into the motion of recording videos as places near me went dry but a fair few locations are popping up now so looking to upgrade camera for better quality. I prefer uploading raw footage as you then get to see exactly what we saw. I appreciate the feedback though, so thank you.๐Ÿ˜€
  18. Just an update to you ObStarorz that over the last year I have converted a heap of Cave Clan radio interviews as well as the 2017 ABC Cave Clan documentary. The radio interviews might be a bit slow unless you have a connection to The Cave Clan or you're interested in Australian urbex history, but they can give you something to listen to as you fall asleep at night I've added random footage to the radio interviews. The ABC documentary is probably the best thing we've done. There's also a few Urbex clips that are not Cave Clan related that people seem to find interesting. Iโ€™ve also made a combined version of the ABC docco that has the credits cut out (other the first & end credits of the series) so itโ€™s a bit easier to watch if you have a spare half an hour. Have a look at the YouTube page here > The CaveClanMedia I'm not trying to encourage people in the scene to engage with the media. Most of our stuff was done when there was no urbex or internet and we were trying to build the scene. The ABC documentaries (5 x 7 min episodes) reveal a different side to the Cave Clan and don't reveal anything in regards to actual exploring. If only one of you take a look then my job here is done
  19. Yeah, I get what you're saying. I do the side by side thing sometimes on my instagram account. I guess I'm just a video person. Hardly anyone sees them but I've been doing this for 35 years & I guess I'm just trying to get it out there the way I know best rather than it all dying with me. Thanks for the question ๐Ÿ‘
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  21. Christ thats mouldy, not sure if I have seen THAT much in one place before ๐Ÿ˜
  22. They could've do a better security there, right now whoever can come in, install some explosives on rails and walk out. It's good that we came just to take pictures.
  23. Definately worth a quick stop by, really like that brick work. Not sure why the effort wouldnt be made to at least cover the windows if they are going to brick it up but hey ho. Probbaly didnt expect someone to be interested in a busted old pumping station to be fair ๐Ÿ˜
  24. Its interesting that you say that, as its not entirely unbeleivable nowadays. Terrorists come in all different shapes and sizes, and if someone has no reasonable excuse to be somewhere....
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