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  2. What camera do you use?

    I just got a Sony A6500 with an 18-105. Perfect!
  3. Video processing software

    I use Final Cut Pro X for both fun and work!
  4. Weekly emails

    Hi All, The board has been sending weekly updates as to what is popular on the forum for several months now. Some people find them useful, some dont, and there is an option to unsubscribe from them. So here is the opportunity to say if you want to see them or not. Please use the poll.
  5. USA removed by user

    Hey @meeperswhere did you go?
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  7. USA Dog Walker State Hospital

    I've visited this former state hospital site a few times and over the last few years they've torn down a few buildings and unfortunately before I was able to make my first visit the morgue and lab were two of those :(. I wished I'd gotten to see them but alas...I did not. Here are a few photos from various trips. I didn't take great photos when I first started exploring and my editing sucked! Most of the buildings are rather boring and not much was left inside. One of the areas of this complex was/is a bowling alley which for years was flooded and no one was able to photograph it. However when they were preparing a building beside it to be demoed the water was removed from it. It's completely dark there so no available light except by light painting which I detest This building above they removed the cupolas for what reason I don't know and they are sitting behind fence at the building in the background This building was demoed 2016.
  8. Wow such a great place and you captured it so beautifully!
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  10. Glen Parva was constructed on the site of the former Glen Parva Barracks in the early 1970s as a borstal and has always held young offenders. Since its opening in 1974 the establishment has seen considerable expansion and change and now serves a catchment area of over 100 courts, holding a mixture of sentenced, unsentenced, and remand prisoners. In 1997, Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Prisons walked out of an inspection at Glen Parva because conditions were so bad. After a subsequent inspection a year later, the report stated that there was "hope for the future" for the prison but added that a lot of work still needed to be done, and recommended that some staff should be moved because of their attitude towards inmates. Our Explore: Late night mission to this place made the entry a slight more easy then in the daylight, secca made this explore a lot more challenging haha! but a shame it had to be in the dark and access to most of the rooms made me see only a slight percentage of this place. but i seen what i wanted to thankfully! And cheers to the lot that helped! Enjoy the pics the few of them the rest are for the archives
  11. UK HMP Glen Parva

  12. Other An Island full of creepy dolls

    Think i have seen some Youtubers go there, its odd for sure.
  13. Other An Island full of creepy dolls

    That's some messed up shit right there! I love it
  14. UK Bedham School and Chapel - Possible Pagan Ceremony

    I only found out too when I met a mate years ago and his surname was 'Mirfin' and his nickname was C***wig
  15. UK Bedham School and Chapel - Possible Pagan Ceremony

    I didn't know what a mirkin was but now I do... Cheers for that
  16. UK Bedham School and Chapel - Possible Pagan Ceremony

    Haha well looking closer it was definitely human!
  17. UK Bedham School and Chapel - Possible Pagan Ceremony

    Just watched the video, is that loads of mirkins in a circle?
  18. UK Bedham School and Chapel - Possible Pagan Ceremony

    I really don't know haha! Thanks
  19. Other An Island full of creepy dolls

    Did you ever went to an Island full of creepy dolls??? NO??? Let me take you with you! On my holiday in December 2017 to Mexico I heard about this place so I had to go. There is no holiday without finding some decayed stuff! The story goes as followed: The guy who lives on this Island found a girl who was drowned around the island. He also found a doll floating nearby and, assuming it belonged to the deceased girl so he hung it on a tree as a sign of respect. After he did that he heard whispers and foodsteps around his hut where he lived. He started to collect and hang more and more old dolls to calm down the spirit of the drowned girl. In 2001 the owner of the Island died and was found on the same spot where the girl was found. When I wanted to go to this place I had to find someone who wanted to bring me there because it was hard to reach according to people around there because of latest hurricanes and earthquakes . After a lot of negotiations I found someone with a little boat to go there and to be honest it was worth the whole trip!! I hope you liked it! Let me know what you think! Marco Bontenbal https://pixanpictures.com
  20. France Trou de tess, France - 2018

    That is nice, thanks for posting
  21. UK Bedham School and Chapel - Possible Pagan Ceremony

    Lol wtf is going on there?! Cool video, some well edited decent footage there. Welcome to OS
  22. UK Bedham School and Chapel - Possible Pagan Ceremony

    Hi and welcome to the forum Cool pictures there, thanks for posting them up
  23. France Trou de tess, France - 2018

    Great set of photos! Thanks for posting on the forum
  24. USA removed by user

    Cool if you have any location visit shot feel free to share them on here It's just the ghosthunting side isn't what we're about dude
  25. Was reminded that I didn't posted anything yet so, here's a post of a recent visit to this mine. This one is not the safest one :-) . Some parts are already collapsed. There are several levels but the lower did we skip. Heard that the air quality is not the best there and we didn't bring the rope ladder . Was nice to explore. Hope you enjoy looking at this.
  26. USA removed by user

    Removed by user
  27. Other BeLux-Industry-Tour, September 2017

    Top report, id be quite happy with that. Nice writeup and pics, cant go wrong! Thanks for posting.
  28. This is my first Urbex adventure. I recently moved to West Sussex and though I'd have a look around at some popular and easily accessible sites to explore. I stumbled upon Bedham Chapel and after some quick research, I found the location and travelled there. We drove down a single track road until spotted it in the woodland below us. We parked a few hundred metres further down the road and set out on foot to get there. This is my video report that I captured and I apologise for the clickbaity title of the video and the fact that it's so weird it looks staged. But it really isn't! My girlfriends reaction to this is real and we were definitely creeped out by our find. If anyone has any idea of what this ceremony was about, please let me know! Video Link
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