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  1. Yesterday
  2. Slovakia Cinematic Urbex - hoping for a change

    Thanks for taking the time to post your video
  3. USA Kings Park Psych Center

    @Dubbed Navigator everything went really well i ended up going back 2 other times, that place is awesome! thanks for replying!
  4. Germany The clowns dancing

    That's different for sure, nicely done and an interesting read on how the explore unfolded!!
  5. Gavin40

    Welcome along to the madness Gavin
  6. Italy Villa SS, Italy - September 2017

    Like the look of this, my kind of place
  7. France Hospital Plaza - december 2016

    Those photos are absolutely beautiful! Thanks for posting the report.
  8. Gavin40

    Hi Gaven40, welcome to the forum!
  9. Nice one. Of course I like the ceilings, but my favorite are the different red colors in the last photo.
  10. You captured it really well, despite the difficult and less light sometimes. Was a great trip and I'm happy I could show you this place; in my opinion one of the nicest of our trip.
  11. Yes, unfortunately some graffiti and vandalism in recent years. But you have captured the place very well and captured a lot of different & nice perspectives.
  12. France Hospital Plaza - december 2016

    This is really great. Fantastic place & pics!
  13. Germany Powerplant T... - [visit 05/2k17]

    Very nice; and despite industry even without graffiti. Great.
  14. UK Sunnyside Royal Hospital, Montrose - August 2017

    This is what its about. Cracking write up and great pcitures to match. Good enough, im going to share it again.
  15. UK Military Planes at Long Marston Airfield - Aug 17

    Very nice set. I also like the expressive sky behind the planes.
  16. USA Fairview training center

    Hi @Carson did you manage to get any pictures up?
  17. UK Abandoned Apothecary

    I missed this one too, this shot is quality; The old packaging... #drool.
  18. UK 1787 Church, Scotland - Oct 15

    Youve made a completely fucked church look pretty good mate. This also amused me muchly
  19. Welcome sailkpsamil

    Hi @sailkpsamil welcome to the forum, why not introduce yourself?
  20. Welcome likrasdaff

    Hi @likrasdaff welcome to the forum, please introduce yourself and we look forward to seeing you around the forum
  21. This is a belter mate, I couldnt really pick a favourite, all cracking.
  22. UK Crank Caverns - Crank - November 2017

  23. UK Drake Island - Plymouth - May 2017

    Be good to catch up with you and Jobs soon @Paradox, last time was download wasnt it?
  24. Germany Powerplant T... - [visit 05/2k17]

    As usual, fantastic! Especially this; Lovely.
  25. UK Porcelain Farm, Scotland - March 16

    @Stussy cracking report there, but as said it was opinion and lets be fair thats what the internet and forums are about - each to thier own. Anyway, this is a perticular favourite; Looks cushty
  26. UK E.P. Bray, Chisworth Dye Works, Glossop – July 2017

    Colour galour! Nice one @Landie_Man - looks like a good mooch. Sounds like you had somewhat a frustrating trip
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