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    History : Casement Park (Irish: Páirc Mhic Asmaint) is the principal Gaelic Athletic Association stadium in Belfast, Northern Ireland, home to the Antrim football and hurling teams. Located on the Andersonstown Road in the west of the city, and named after the Republican revolutionary Sir Roger Casement (1864-1916), the ground has a capacity of 32,600.[1] Casement Park, one of the largest stadia in Ulster, opened in June 1953, with Armagh Harps defeating St John’s of Antrim in the final of the inaugural Ulster Senior Club Football Championship.[2] The newly opened Casement Park hosted the Ulster Championship final less than a month later, which saw Armagh overcome reigning All-Ireland champions Cavan. In all, Casement Park has hosted eight Ulster football finals. However, the Antrim ground has not held the provincial showpiece since 1971, with St. Tiernach's Park in Clones hosting the final every year since except between 2004 and 2006 when it was moved to Croke Park such was the demand for tickets. A major facelift of the stadium took place in 2000, a move which saw more championship games played at Casement Park. In 2006, floodlights were added which allowed hurling and football to be played in the evening. In 2006, proposals were raised to build a new multi-purpose stadium on the site of the old Maze prison near Lisburn, which was intended to host association football, rugby union and Gaelic games. However, opposition to the idea led to it being dropped in favour of a new venue in the Sydenham area of East Belfast. This led to Ulster GAA, which was one of the partners in the Maze project, to pull out in favour of remaining at Casement Park.[3] In 2011, the Northern Ireland Executive announced that it had granted £138m for various stadium redevelopment projects throughout Northern Ireland. Ulster GAA would receive £61.4m of this, which was to be used to redevelop Casement Park into a 40,000 all-seated stadium with £15 million of partnership investment from the Central Council of the GAA, making it the largest stadium in Ulster.[4] In early 2012 it was announced that the redevelopment work would start at the end of 2013 with a view to having the new stadium open by September 2015. It was expected that, after its completion, Ulster GAA would move its headquarters from St Tiernach's Park in Clones to Casement Park,[5] which would then have a seating capacity of about 40,000.[6] In December 2014 the granting of planning permission for the redevelopment of Casement Park was ruled unlawful. On 28 April 2016 the team behind the Casement Park redevelopment proposals launched a consultation process in an effort to see what the general public's views are. On the 14th November 2016 Casement Park was officially included as part of Ireland's 2023 Rugby World Cup bid. 2006 controversy A decision in 2006 by the Antrim County Board to permit the use of Casement Park to host a Republican rally in commemoration of the deaths of Provisional IRA and INLAprisoners in the 1981 hunger strike drew criticisms from unionists. Visited in late 2015, casement lies the same today although work on redevelopment is expected to start very soon. knowing the social club was still in use allowed access to part of the ground and the rest i just had to blagg.
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    On the last trip to east germany... saw this very nice stage in a very small town. 1. Ballhaus blue stage 01 by Miaro Digital, auf Flickr 2. Ballhaus blue stage 02 by Miaro Digital, auf Flickr 3. Ballhaus blue stage 03 by Miaro Digital, auf Flickr 4. Ballhaus blue stage 04 by Miaro Digital, auf Flickr 5. Ballhaus blue stage 05 by Miaro Digital, auf Flickr 6. Ballhaus blue stage 06 by Miaro Digital, auf Flickr 7. Ballhaus blue stage 07 by Miaro Digital, auf Flickr 8. Ballhaus blue stage 08 by Miaro Digital, auf Flickr 9. Ballhaus blue stage 09 by Miaro Digital, auf Flickr 10. Ballhaus blue stage 10 by Miaro Digital, auf Flickr 11. Ballhaus blue stage 11 by Miaro Digital, auf Flickr
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    The former hotel has been closed in 2007 and from the outside the building was unmistakably abandoned. But inside, it largely looked as if you only have to perform a few beauty repairs in order to use the hotel again. My visit was already in 2012. I was told that the entrances were sealed later. I don't know what has become with it today. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47
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    Im originally from Lisburn, moved about 9 years ago to the mainland. I never got to explore this place, so i really enjoyed these amazing pictures!
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    Wow, for somewhere that had been closed 5 years before your visit, it looks like the doors had just been closed the day before. If this place was in the UK, it wouldn't look like that after 5 years
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    I know these hairdryers in german swimming pools from my childhood, and they worked. Whether this one was still working, I don't know, the power was switched off.
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    Cheers guys. Twas a strange big place. It went from burnt, to smashed, to intact as you went through it. Don't think I took a pic but there was a room, full to the brim with flourescent light fittings. And all the bulbs etc. Mustve been a couple of hundred of them ....quite a strange sight.
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    Looks like it would have been a lovely place to stay if I'm honest. I like 31, it's very quaint. Untouched goodness nice pics Andy
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    Did this massive head-drier work? Never seen one like that before
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    thanks for the welcome and heres hoping to getting to know a few more of you all soon.
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    Ooh they're lovely No 16 is my fave, those doors!
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    A good friend, @MiaroDigital, told me about the forum. In the same month of my registration, in October 2014, I already flew to London and got to know the first members of the forum. Since then I met a lot of great people via OS; meanwhile, we had many mutual visits and a lot of great joint explorations in recent years.
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    Hello! I'm from Belfast, based in Liverpool. I do quite a bit of travelling about the country and I've already done a few explorations, but haven't took a good camera. I've just been browsing the forum getting some tips and I'll upload my own stuff in the new year! 😁
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    Great shots of this place, and I hope the renovation does go forward.
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    Wow that's bloody impressive! The amount of grandeur is amazing. That staircase is beautiful! Nice work
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    Top Draw Andy, that is a fantastic building and really nicely photographed too.
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    Wow! That is jaw dropping. What a building. Great shots too. What a place to walk around to take photos. Fantastic
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    That place is amazing Andy, great shots as per usual mate
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    This place looks really cool! so many nice shots its hard to choose favourites! Wheelchairs are always a win for me
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    What a gorgeous place, and you have captured it beautifully
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    Looks like a great place with lots left to see, always good to see a place with so much natural decay and so little graffiti. I love the staircases especially shot 21 (part1), and mmmm I love those spider shots
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    Awesome job as always! I like how you capture Derps in such an intimate way
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    Cool set, liking the shots of the things left behind. I seriously think I'll move to live in Germany!!!
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    Looking good Andy and can see you have a spider fetish
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    I counted 9 toilets/toilet chairs and it made me very happy doing so A very cool selection of pictures Andy as per usual, and i hope The Raw likes the spiders
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    Great looking location, so much to see. Another great set of pics thanks for posting not liking the look of that spider do you know if it was poisonous?
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    Very nice Andy. Looks a amazing place and love your shots
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    what a great set of photo's you have, why would a place like this just be left?....hopefully be in some use soon!
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    Lovin the more decayed shots!! REAL nice!!
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    A real nice set here some great decay
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    Great to see both sets of pictures here, great report this mate
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    Fascinating stuff Andy, thanks for taking the time to put this together, really enjoyed looking through the comparison shots especially
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    Unbelievable, no matter how much you see those before and after comparisons, it always is a bit shocking. The decay is nice though.
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    Yeah lots of photos of this location lately, but these are really nice! Awesome location to.
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    I've been seeing this pop up a lot in the last few weeks but I think these are the best shots I've seen, really well done
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    Ooooo this is a bit nice! loving these photos Andy! #4 has to be one of my faves that wood work!
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    Wow, this is beautiful, and you have captured it lovely
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    Great location and some cracking pics there
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    That's beautiful mate. Great photography!!
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    On March 19th 2011, most of the world experienced a 'Supermoon' "A supermoon is the coincidence of a full moon or a new moon with the closest approach the Moon makes to the Earth on its elliptical orbit, resulting in the largest apparent size of the moon's disk as seen from Earth" - Wiki Many of my friends from further North in the country said that on that night it was either raining or extemely cloudy but luckily for myself and King Al, the moon provided some extraordinary lighting effects and what better place than a local explore with some decent vantage points from which to photograph it. All of these shots were taken over the course of a couple of hours and required extremely long shutter speeds of up to 5 minutes, but are all straight off the camera with no tweaking other than rotation, resizing and cropping. Enjoy Fullers with a twist.... Mr. B