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  1. UK Severalls Hospital. Colchester. Essex. July 2014

    Gutted as I tried this last weekend and couldn't see a way through the palisade
  2. Next weekend

    Hey! Where is it?
  3. Hi from jess

    Yes desperately scavenging company for this weekend! !
  4. Hi from jess

    Shaddam thanks do you have any tips for anything near to me?
  5. Hi from jess

    Hey lara thanks for contacting me - I also replied to a thread with you and raw in - id love to explore a psych hospital this weekend if anyone's up for it?! I'm hammering the forum as fresh back from my first explores I want more lined up
  6. Newly emptied hospital, West Sussex

    Hello can I come with? I've no idea how to private message on this as I've just joined! !
  7. Oh anyone fancy this with me this weekend?
  8. UK Birkwood Psychiatric Hospital, Scotland (June 2014)

    Oh wow would love to know how you got in as I went there with Baron Scotland at the weekend and we couldn't get access
  9. Next weekend

    Hello I know I'm new here but does anyone fancy hospital S next weekend with me? Or somewhere else? Jess
  10. Hi from jess

    Hello! Im female,34, from Bromley in Kent.New to the forum but have managed to meet Baron Scotland already who showed me Hospital G in Scotland then gave me deets for the chapel that I explored with a friend. I totally have the bug and want to start exploring every weekend. Please give me a shout if I can go to any locations with you. Have car/oyster /will so will travel