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  1. UK Drake Island - Plymouth - May 2017

    Best seats in the house for the airshow Hils , it looks like an amazing place with amazing history too.
  2. UK Parc Lead Mine - North Wales - Sept 17

    Was a great trip out Lenny and your pictures came out really well, looking forward to the next one
  3. UK Moel Fferna Dec 15

    It was a lot of fun and I was aching the next day alright..Santa needed sanatogen.. I only took a few photos
  4. Hello again, its been a while

    Cheers Andy Kind of you.
  5. Hello again, its been a while

    Thanks Mr Lavino, Xmas trip is in hand
  6. Hello again, its been a while

    Thankyou for the posts and welcome backs, I appreciate it greatly hopefully I can make some useful contributions to the forum.
  7. Belgium Gold mining... - [visit .../2015]

    Really nice photatoes, a lovely mine by the looks of it.
  8. Hello again, its been a while

    Cheers Maniac, gonna have a good look around
  9. Hello again, its been a while

    Cheers Lenny boi, kind of you to say
  10. Howdy Folks, its been a little while, I'm still at it but just slower these days, I will be checking in more often to see just what the bloody hell is going on
  11. Underground compilation and stuff - 2012

    Really nice compilation man..proper BO!
  12. Trains ,Planes & Automobiles 2013

    Some ace shots in this report SK, I love the choo choo train especially.
  13. UK Memory Lane Cottage Feb 2013

    superb, so much history and as SK says could spend hours mooching. thanks for posting it up.