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  1. UK Moel Fferna Dec 15

    It was a lot of fun and I was aching the next day alright..Santa needed sanatogen.. I only took a few photos
  2. Hello again, its been a while

    Cheers Andy Kind of you.
  3. Hello again, its been a while

    Thanks Mr Lavino, Xmas trip is in hand
  4. Hello again, its been a while

    Thankyou for the posts and welcome backs, I appreciate it greatly hopefully I can make some useful contributions to the forum.
  5. Belgium Gold mining... - [visit .../2015]

    Really nice photatoes, a lovely mine by the looks of it.
  6. Hello again, its been a while

    Cheers Maniac, gonna have a good look around
  7. Hello again, its been a while

    Cheers Lenny boi, kind of you to say
  8. Howdy Folks, its been a little while, I'm still at it but just slower these days, I will be checking in more often to see just what the bloody hell is going on
  9. Underground compilation and stuff - 2012

    Really nice compilation man..proper BO!
  10. Trains ,Planes & Automobiles 2013

    Some ace shots in this report SK, I love the choo choo train especially.
  11. Memory Lane Cottage Feb 2013

    superb, so much history and as SK says could spend hours mooching. thanks for posting it up.
  12. UK Pigeon Church, Angus Feb 2013

    Shit man, this is fking LOVELY!!!!
  13. Hi all

    Hey Baron,welcome


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