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  1. UK letsbe avenue march 2014

    Nice set you got there, looks like a cool place, love the pool and the room with all the lights hanging down xx
  2. What twat left their tripod in pic 4 lol bet it was Matt haha Nice report Trev xxx
  3. UK Silica Mines (October 2013)

    Thanks for all your lovely comments guys xxx
  4. Explored with Therealindianajones, Harry and Helen
  5. UK Asylum B (August 2013)

    Explored with Therealindianajones, Luke and Flava
  6. UK Coke Works August 2013

    Thanks everyone, nothing was better than that birthday cakexx
  7. UK NKPS- WTF is Soda Ash? Aug '13

    Looks soooo cool, I must see this place, cracking set PS xxxx
  8. I loved this little place, and I'm also glad I explored the out buildings, I got some cool photos from the lab also, nice set btw x
  9. UK Coke Works August 2013

    Thanks guys, haha yeah marlon enjoyed his bacon roll, was a fab day tommo, can't wait for the next x
  10. Explored with Therealindianajones, Tommo, Klempner69 and Marlon Was a great day exploring with great people, Had loads of laughs and outrageous banter, and thanks to the good old welsh weather we also got very very wet
  11. What made you use the username you use?

    Mine is after the character HitGirl in the film Kick ass lol shes my alter ego lmao xx
  12. UK Tone Mills (July 2013)

    Thanks scattergun xx
  13. UK Old Knitwear Works, August 2013

    What a fab little set, I love it, I have to have this place in my life
  14. UK Tone Mills (July 2013)

    Thanks for your lovely comments guys, I recommend everyone to see the place, I loved it x