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  1. Convicted for Trespassing at Severalls

    Speaking as a 7 month pregnant women I can tell you there would be no getting over it lol I struggle to tie my laces at the best of times so my exploring shoes are well and truly hung up for the time being
  2. St George Stafford sell out

    Looks like someone's on a roll http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3031877/Decaying-ruins-remain-abandoned-asylum-patients-restrained-iron-handcuffs-leather-muffs.html
  3. Denbigh photos in the daily mail

    It would end up like fight club lol " first rule of urbex, don't talk about urbex! "
  4. Denbigh photos in the daily mail

    Shame he didn't have a close encounter with Elywin it's usually Dan circa that I see popping up flogging his photos.
  5. UK St Peters, Chertsey, Feb 2015

    Love this need to get myself over there!
  6. Denbigh photos in the daily mail

  7. UK Asylum H - 2014

    Nice set of photos
  8. Plans unveiled for Denbigh conversion

    Not hanging around then, how long do you think before a refurb is underway?
  9. Wow what an awesome report you've put some serious effort in!
  10. Other Europe tour 2014

    Lovely set of shots well done
  11. UK Denbigh Asylum - November 2014

    We didn't get the pleasure unfortunately so I think a revisit is in order to get the full Denbigh experience!
  12. Mid Wales Hospital sold out to the Daily Fail

    Apparently nowhere is safe :/