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  1. UK

    Would be interesting to see it inside. Too bad that it was inaccessible.
  2. Nice building. I especially like the railing of the staircase.
  3. UK

    What a fantastiv place, very special. Looks awesome with all these medicine bottles, but my absolute favourite is the first shot. Black and white looks very good and the crystal handles on the drawers are great.
  4. UK

    Interesting place & documents. I also like the last shot with the keys.
  5. UK

    Nice video, well done.
  6. Very nice detail shots. I also like the room with the violet wallpaper and the plants in the corner of pic 5 and the torn curtains in pic 12.
  7. Very nice video and first post. Welcome to OS!
  8. UK

    Unfortunately in a sad state, but the ceilings and the domes are nice.
  9. UK

    That's great. I especially like the scene with light and shadow at the window from 0:19.
  10. UK

    Nice time lapse video. I like the moving shadows and the rotten plants.
  11. Luxembourg

    Great set. I was there seven years ago; unfortunately the big engine hall was not accessible at this time because of workers. But surprisingly there has been only little change in the control room area during all these years.
  12. Thanks everyone! @The_Raw & @Maniac: Absolutely, was a great day!
  13. Nice report & set. Glad, you could go inside.
  14. I think I'll go there again sometime. Further back there are some more buildings of the barracks.
  15. Um, I also was there with you ... It was an exhausting but nice day. I like the photo from the barracks with the small tree in front of the window.


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