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  1. Great set! I especially like the light in pic 9.
  2. Nice place. The entrance and the lamps are realöly great.
  3. Hello from eastern Germany

    Hi Nico, welcome to OS!
  4. USA The Scammell Mansion

    Unfortunately inside in bad condition. But I like the outside shots with the dried, withered plants at the house. By the way: The photos are very large and it takes very long to load them. You should reduce its size before publishing so they can be displayed faster.
  5. Already visited this villa two years ago, just forgot the photos on my hard drive. Two rooms were decorated with beautiful ceiling paintings, the rest of the building was unadorned and empty. Know nothing about it's history. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  6. Hi, Everyone

    Welcome to OS!
  7. Hello from Italy!

    Hi Enrico, welcome to OS!
  8. Hello

    Welcome to OS!
  9. I love it. Great that could visit it and I'm glad that I could help you with this place.
  10. Unfortunatelöy in a very sad condition now. I can not understand why somebody sprayed graffiti over the murals. Idiots.
  11. Belgium Laundry Day august 2017

    Really nice and again captured very well by you.
  12. UK Betamax House..

    Very nice with all these old things inside.
  13. France Chateau des Anges Perdus July 2017

    Sad condition, but some very nice pics.
  14. Belgium Mold House August '17

    Very nice decay. The second shot is my favourite, too.
  15. France Manoir Neglected Elegance July 2017

    Wonderful place, I like it very much.
  16. UK North Staffordshire Royal Infirmary

    Fantastic set!
  17. Germany Peppermint Powerplant - April 2017

    Captured very well again.
  18. Great set, glad you could visit it.
  19. Belgium HFB may 2017

    Very nice set, looks great with all these tubes and pipes.