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  1. Germany Asylum 60 - [visit 05/2017]

    Very nice decay!
  2. USA Prison (U.S)

    Interesting history and really fantastic photos!
  3. Thanks! I look forward to see your photos from there.
  4. Ouvrage Mont des Welches, a gros ouvrage of the Maginot Line fortifications, is part of the Fortified Sector of Boulay. It comprises two entrance blocks, one infantry block, one artillery block, one observation block and two combination blocks. It is located between petit ouvrage Coucou and gros ouvrage Michelsberg, facing Germany. Relatively small for a gros ouvrage, Mont des Welches saw a brief period of sharp action in June 1940, when German forces moving along the rear of the Maginot Line engaged the position without success. After modest renovations in the 1950s, Mont des Welches was abandoned in the 1970s. Mont des Welches was approved for construction by CORF (Commission d'Organisation des Régions Fortifiées), the Maginot Line's design and construction agency, in June 1930 and became operational by 1935, at a cost of 49 million francs. The contractor was Gianotti of Nice. The comparatively small gros ouvrage comprises two entrance blocks, one infantry block, one artillery block, one observation block, and two combination blocks. It lacks a central "M1" ammunition magazine, and unlike most gros ouvrages, its 60 cm internal rail network was not electrified, relying on human power to move the rail cars. The underground gallery system is compact, about 200 metres (660 ft) from end to end, and unlike larger ouvrages where the gallery system is linear in concept, the central portion of Mont des Welches is a dense network of cross galleries between to main galleries, housing the barracks and utility areas. The galleries are excavated at an average depth of up to 30 metres (98 ft). The manning of the ouvrage in June 1940 comprised 490 men and 17 officers of the 167th Fortress Infantry Regiment and the 151st Position Artillery Regiment, commanded by Chef de Bataillon Tari. The units were under the umbrella of the 42nd Fortress Corps of the 3rd Army, Army Group 2. Visited with @The_Raw, @extreme_ironing & @Maniac. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
  5. Germany Hotel Atlantis

    Especially the last shot is really great.
  6. Great place, I really like the dome and the piano.
  7. Very nice decay with the peeled paint and the overgrown windows.
  8. Luxembourg Terre Rouge (visited 10/2017)

    Thanks! I really like the colors there.
  9. Interesting place, nice pics!
  10. The red hall looks nice, thanks for showing.
  11. The infantry base Wolfsberg is a small part of the bigger fortress Kellermann, part of the "Group Fortification Lorraine". It was built in 1904 - 1906. Visited with @The_Raw, @extreme_ironing & @Maniac. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
  12. Just a small chapel on the roadside. I don't know anything about the history. Visited with @The_Raw. 1 2 3 4 5 6
  13. Italy Villa amante del sole - 08/2017

    I have never seen such a house before. I like the view upstairs inside. Thanks for showing.
  14. France Ouvrage Hobling, France - October 2017

    Captured very well. Was a nice explore - especially the access...
  15. Nice pictures of the cave and of yourself. I liked the different colors inside and of course the lot of skulls.
  16. Very nice. I like these kind of tunnels and your even illumination there.
  17. Gavin40

    Hi Gaven40, welcome to the forum!
  18. Nice one. Of course I like the ceilings, but my favorite are the different red colors in the last photo.
  19. You captured it really well, despite the difficult and less light sometimes. Was a great trip and I'm happy I could show you this place; in my opinion one of the nicest of our trip.
  20. Yes, unfortunately some graffiti and vandalism in recent years. But you have captured the place very well and captured a lot of different & nice perspectives.
  21. France Hospital Plaza - december 2016

    This is really great. Fantastic place & pics!
  22. Germany Powerplant T... - [visit 05/2k17]

    Very nice; and despite industry even without graffiti. Great.
  23. UK Military Planes at Long Marston Airfield - Aug 17

    Very nice set. I also like the expressive sky behind the planes.
  24. Sorry for answering so late. I only saw your comment today. It's true that I don't like photos with subsequently moved furnishings very much. Because if everyone changes anything, the places are inauthentic someday. But that's just my personal opinion, not the one of the entire team. I didn't want to upset you. It was just a honest comment with my own point of view. And that doesn't change the fact, that (as I wrote) it's a beautiful place and that your photos are nice.
  25. Italy Chiesa Blu - 09/2016

    Captured very well, very nice shots.