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  1. On 6.11.2017 at 1:22 PM, Stussy said:


    What do you mean obviously re-decorated for the photos?  Are you trying to say people should never move things to get a better picture?  Only shoot places that exactly as you find them...


    If that is what this forum has come too?!  I did not realise in the time since I left being a mod here, things have gone to that level of superiority has arisen and the open mindedness of the team has left.


    Sorry for answering so late. I only saw your comment today. It's true that I don't like photos with subsequently moved furnishings very much. Because if everyone changes anything, the places are inauthentic someday. But that's just my personal opinion, not the one of the entire team. I didn't want to upset you. It was just a honest comment with my own point of view. And that doesn't change the fact, that (as I wrote) it's a beautiful place and that your photos are nice.