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  1. Nice one. I like the columns with the dried plants in the second picture.
  2. Thanks! Yes, Italy is a treasure trove of abandoned churches, villas and so on.
  3. History Once the magnificent property in East Germany housed a spa building. Around 1950, the building was converted into a hotel, which was given the name of a Duchess. In the 90s, it was closed for cost reasons, since it decays visibly. The Explore Access was easy; the front door was locked, but some open windows and a open door at the back. My first visit was in 2011. Now I returned to see how the building has changed over the past seven years. Many ceilings and floors had collapsed meanwhile, and some areas I could't enter therefore. Unfortunately, some things were destroyed by vandalism or were stolen. For example, all banisters and the ornamented window arches. But on the other hand, the natural decay of the past few years has been very interesting. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Here are also a few comparison pictures and some photos from 2011 of rooms that couldn't be entered anymore today. 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 - Also this rose has been gone due to the collapse of the ceiling.
  4. Nice video, I like the view from the roof with the sign. Good that the guard wasn't aggressive.
  5. Due to some outdoor shots online, and with a lot of searching on Google Earth, I could find the house. I will visit it in the summer, then I will be in Italy next time. I hope that nothing will change until then and that there will be no vandalism.
  6. Very nice. Was there two years ago and liked it a lot. It's a pitty that you didn't find the corridor with the stairs down to the church.
  7. Very nce set! I really like these corridors, especially pic #17.
  8. To be honest, I partially fast forwarded the video. Not because it's quite long but a lot of shots are pretty shaky. Therefore, it's a little uncomfortable to watch it for a longer time.
  9. Nice place. But sad how disrespectful people handle the bones.
  10. Very beautiful. I especially like that many green moss.
  11. Great pics, thanks for showing us!
  12. That's a pity. However, it was quite dark in the theater (much darker than in my photo).
  13. The Spa house was built within three years in the mid-20th century. It offered space for 100 beds and has an auditorium with 540 seats. Inside of the theater it was so dark that I had to expose about 2 minutes despite high ISO. The other rooms were empty or locked, so I took no pictures there. 1 2 3 4 5
  14. Why didn't you manage to enter the theater? Were the doors locked?
  15. Really a great set of pics!
  16. Hi OddBall, welcome to the forum!
  17. 16? You're exaggerating. Maximum 15 ...
  18. Wonderful. The right decision to go there!