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  1. The North West like many parts of the country is riddled with old coal mine workings, and in these parts if you do your research you can turn up some absolute gems. This beaut is a fine example of a mid 19th Century coal and fire clay operation that would of fed into the insatiable demand for coal and fire clay during the height of the Industrial revolution. As you move around the miles of workings and wagon roads, it's quite a humbling experience to think that where you are crawling over 200 years ago children as young as eight put in twelve hour shifts!!! In 1842 a royal commission investigated the employment of children in mines. The result was an act in the same year forbidding the employment of women and children underground.
  2. Germany Muscovy duck - 2015

    Top draw that.
  3. Not a place you see too often and very well documented.
  4. This temple to concrete has a certain 'je ne sais quoi' about it that makes you want to go and see it for yourself. Great set of images.
  5. Good evening.

    Howdo. knocking on a bit and based in Lancashire with an unhealthy interest for mines. Recognise a few familiar names, will share some mines in the near future.
  6. UK Cae Coch - Dec 2014

    Been here a few times now and still the place ceases to amaze me, it's as mad as a bucket o frogs!! The water that cascaded down through the mine seems to have stopped flowing, resulting in less bacterial growth and a lot less colour, still worth a visit though. Some history; The entrance Fresh air
  7. Chernobyl Reactors 5 & 6 - October 2014

    Looks like a top trip, pics are spot on too.
  8. UK Cae Coch - Dec 2014

    Scrawper sends hugs : D
  9. UK Mouldy Malvernbury, Malvern Dec 2014

    Gotta love that green carpet.
  10. Good evening.

    Thanks for the welcome folks ðŸ˜Å