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  1. What camera do you use?

    Since a couple of weeks i am using the Sony alpha 6000 . I Love this camera <3
  2. Video processing software

    Hey, Do you know Hitfilm Express? It is a huge, professional Video Editing Suite like Sony Vegas. And the best: You can claim it for Free! https://hitfilm.com/express
  3. France Hitler's Bunker - Wolfsschlucht II 2014

    Cool stuff... I think i have to explore it too.
  4. The bunker is located in the dunes of ÃŽle de Noirmoutier , an island in france.
  5. The Laundry Plant was built in the early 19th century. It belonged to a Lung Sanatorium. Since the closing in the 1990s, the area is decaying rapidly. And my favourite shot from there: A GoPro clip will follow soon...
  6. Germany Prussian Fort IX [visited in April 2015)

    And some more...
  7. Germany Prussian Fort IX [visited in April 2015)

    Thanks for your advise! Here are some more impressions.
  8. Germany Prussian Fort IX [visited in April 2015)

    I have 10 more Shots from there. If you tell me how I can upload them directly to OS or how to embed them from my website (http://desertedplaces.de/wordpress/preussisches-fort/ ) , I will add some more.
  9. I have already posted the GoPro Clip a Month ago... So, here are some pictures in addition . The Fort was built at the end of the 19th century. After the 1st WW it was occupied by british soldiers. The Nazis of the NSDAP used the building as “Freiwilliges Arbeits- und militärisches Früherziehungslager” (military early education camp) for teenagers. After the 2nd WW it was used as training area by the belgian Forces.
  10. Deserted Prussian Fort IX

    Hi Guys, Here is the GoPro footage from our Exploration of the Prussian Fort "Fort IX - Lager Hitler" in Germany . Hope you'll like it. The Picset is following soon.
  11. Germany Old slate mine (visited 02/2015)

    I don't mean, that I know the exactly location of the mine but I can border a bigger area where it is.
  12. Germany Old slate mine (visited 02/2015)

    Wow... Thats a nice mine, mate! I think i now where it is...
  13. Hi from Germany ;)

    Thank You for your welcome greetings! @Andy Danke... ich sehe gerade, dass du aus Worms kommst...das ist ja ganz in meiner nähe (Mainz) und liegt noch in meinem Location Tagestour Einzugsbereich.
  14. This Fairytale Park with associated Restaurant is located on a Plateau next to the Rhine. It was built in 1927 and opened for the public in July 1931. The Park closed forever in the middle of the 90s. Sadly i forgot my tripod, that's why some of the pics are "a little bit"sloped. I tried a revisit in summer but that wasn't possible because the vegetation was very strong.
  15. I've visited this location during my summerholidays in italy. Unfortunately i couldn't find anything about the history of the building. ;( Buchfabrik Buchfabrik Buchfabrik Buchfabrik Buchfabrik Buchfabrik Panorama