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  1. That abit nice mate! Lots of clocks in there
  2. That's abit nice mate! Those projectors are wicked
  3. UK Redcar Blast Furnace - April 2016

    One of my favourite places! Got some really nice shots there and I've gotta agree with Andy the wind turbines shot is awesome
  4. looks like a fun day out! is it one of those if the red flag is flying dont walk around ranges or just pray they aren't dropping bombs and hope for the best?
  5. France Eglise MM, France - November 2016

    That's lush!!!
  6. Vandicourt Quarry is a geological Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). The rocks here are limestones which were formed in a shallow tropical sea, known as the Zechstein Sea, about 255 million years ago during the Permian Period. The Zechstein Sea extended from eastern England across northern Europe. During the second world war the tunnels beneath the quarry were used by local people as air raid shelters. I came across this place a fair few months ago with @Fatpanda after heading over to see his new house i noticed a quarry from the side of the road so off we headed to see what was there, and to our amazement we actually found a tunnel at the base of the limestone cliff which led to a rather small set of tunnels which were filled with lots of rusty old bike wheels, and some other rusty items. There was a few old newspapers too but they were in a fairly bad state so I couldn't make out the dates There is evidence that local yobbos use the place drinking venue too Sorry if some of the shots seem a little overexposed but I found it pretty hard to take photos in here for some reason! Thanks for looking
  7. UK New Scotland Yard, London - November 2016

    Inside looks cool enough but fck me that view is epic! Nice work mate
  8. Built in 1881 Stephenson Brothers Dry Salters were responsible for making dyes and colourings which would have been in demand by the neighbouring textile mills across Bradford and the rest of the north. They also manufactured soaps, polishes and lubricating oils , that would have been used across the city and beyond. After a walk around at Malham Cove with @Fatpanda we decided to pop in this place on the way home before it spontaneously combusted like most of the other mills in bradford. it was the first time in a while visiting a needle infested crackhead grotto instead of the massive industrial site's we have been spoiled by last year, it was nice not creeping around corners and getting ready to leg it at any minute! anyway enough babbling on with the pictures As soon as we squeezed through the access we were greeted by the crackhead grotto! I always thought this staircase was in Dalton Mills in Keighley for some reason, it was nice to finally see it even though I couldn't get a good shot of it! @Fatpanda Posing Thanks for looking sorry if your not a fan of needle infested derps!
  9. What a find! Interesting history and some lovely shots to go with it did you take it for a spin??
  10. Looks like a fun trip! can imagine how chuffed you was when you saw it after being told it was gone cracking report as always
  11. Right in the feels! It's such a shame places like this seem to have no use in the present day brilliant report mate
  12. UK Winnington soda ash (TATA) Jan

    Nice report mate! Is parts of this site still in use? Few friends got into a bit of bother when they visited
  13. Never fancied this place but your report has changed my mind! Cracking stuff mate
  14. Cool stuff mate need to make the effort to see this soon! Is it possible to climb the headstock?
  15. Thanks Andy, it is a good feeling finding a new place and makes it much more interesting exploring not knowing what you will find!
  16. Thanks Andy & Andy It did have plenty of character
  17. Pretty far gone but still interesting none the less! may have to pop in there when i'm in Swansea next month, thanks for posting mate
  18. France Bustes 2016

    first statute has a bit of a creepy look to it! nice report
  19. UK St Peter's Mortuary - Jan 2017

    Lol nice report mate
  20. UK St Peter's Mortuary - Jan 2017

    bloody hell i cant believe that place is still standing! what a damp shithole
  21. Germany Small Brewery - September 2016

    Looks like a nice little place, liking the brewing tanks!
  22. Cool shots mate liking the dodgy supports
  23. Other Hospital H, Hungary, October 2016

    Cool shots mate
  24. Good stuff! Ran for the hills after setting the alarm off there a couple years ago