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  1. Absolutely stunning
  2. That is unbelievable!!! Wauw..
  3. I want to places like this.. Awesome pictures.
  4. France Bustes 2016

    Beautiful place. Nice pic's
  5. France Chateau Poseidon - May 2015

    Looks good..
  6. This is just like in Denmark. Not that much furniture and stuff for pictures. But still some Great shots
  7. France Chateau Stromae - April 2017

  8. France Chateau Sarco - April 2017

    Definately a place to be posted here. Its amazing
  9. France Manoir Neglected Elegance July 2017

    Beauty shots of a beautiful place..
  10. Belgium Mold House August '17

    Awesome pictures. Nr 2 and 6 is my fav
  11. Belgium Laundry Day august 2017

    Great pictures And like Andy said, very well captured.
  12. Italy Villa fresco (visited 07/2015)

    Beautiful shooting
  13. Italy Castello G, Italy - September 2017

    Amazing place.. Some good shots
  14. France War Planes, France - May 2016

    Really great shots...
  15. Germany Victoria Barracks (visited 02/2016)

    Great angles you have, that makes me not seeing the grafitti.. Cool
  16. UK Code Breakers - Oct 2016

    Awesome place and pictures.. Super lighting you got!
  17. Germany CCCP Flightschool - Sept 2015

    You should be satisfied with the pictures, they are good
  18. Germany Prison H19 - 2015

    Awesome pictures..
  19. Yes i hate it so badly!!! The plan was driving to House Of Wheelchairs, but time quickly went on, and we just thought Beelitz has some buildings we havent been in to, so we were so angry!!
  20. Just been there on sunday. All fenced in, and guards with dogs. Now it's only planned photo tours. They even have made a flyer with prices and trips!!!
  21. Italy Villa PDO - visited September 2014

    So awesome and beautiful place. Great pic's
  22. Im amazed by your shots. Some of them i'ved never seen before. Wauw! This is one of the top places i need to visit. There is a rumour, that the ground floor is filled with alarms?? I know my way in, but it looks like on most shots, that its been taken from ground floor?


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