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  1. All Cocks's Porous Plasters Are the Best! 2011

    awsum shots
  2. UK Snargate Tunnels East, Dover ,nov 2011

    nice pictures dude the last shots ace!
  3. Public School # 12 2010

    once again amazing!
  4. UK Wine Vaults,Ramsgate 2010

    pretty cool to have under your house
  5. FREE VD

    Its fixed finnaly i have internet at home may the updates begin people www.Vanishingdaysphotogrpahy.com if theres any dead links or peoblems let me no please
  6. awsum those stairs look pretyy dangerous tho
  7. Ramsgate Tunnels - FULL REPORT (very pic heavy) 2010

    wow its like being back down there nice collection
  8. Spain Report - Paragon Air Raid Shelter Ramsgate 2010

    nice shots shame theres nothing left inside
  9. Every room has a River View - 2009

    Pikeys get everywhere
  10. Arabian Nights Hotel 2010

    intersting wallpaper nice pics again
  11. UK Blean ROC post - Kent - 2008

    revisit today still sealed up and locals dont no who the owner is so no luck
  12. nice post yeah barham is in a sad state now i offered the guy some cahs for some bits for my restoration post but he wasnt intersted i asked if he was gona repair it didnt seem to care tho
  13. UK Harbour Control Tower, Folkestone - Aug 2008

    sounds like a plan its an intersting structure
  14. Every room has a River View - 2009

    happy new year dude