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  1. France

    lovely topic! thanks for the elaborate report and historical background information. wish i could give this 10x thumbs up
  2. Belgium

    yes the clothes confused many explorers over the time. it was abandoned for long, and a few people i know had their eyes on it already but never went to further check it when they saw the laundry. ' aah there s laundry outside, nevermind"
  3. Belgium

    it s good to be back indeed
  4. I'm a simple girl, I see ferns and I'm happy. so, lovely set with some cool shots.
  5. UK

    love the mixture of colours there
  6. An abandoned house along a Belgian road. The house was partly destroyed by a fire and the former owner now resides with family. Some family member comes by occasionaly to feed the stray cats. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.
  7. Belgium

    thank you, sir.
  8. Belgium

    welcome to belgium then
  9. UK

    My jaw just dropped... can you please pick it up for me? amazing! I love the futuristic look and linework of this place. Also, many thanks for the extensive background information, it makes it more pleasant to scroll through when you actually know what it is you're looking at .
  10. This complex was built in the late 70's as the faculty of science and biology of a renowned university. It is located in a quiet, residential area surrounded by a large park. Due to the architecture, the buildings are a bit futuristic and out of place here . It gets even more interesting when you find the greenhouses where a group of 'highly motivated' researchers may have spent a lot of hours amidst their plants in the company of pizza and distilled water. The buildings were abandoned after being in use for only 30 years. Not because of structural problems, the university had simply become too small, as the courses gained popularity. So the students moved to a larger and newer building closer to the other faculties. 1. 2. 3. 4. how panda's are made ... 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.
  11. France

    you're absolutely right, @wildboyz. I didn't get to editing the exteriour shots yet, but i'll make time for it now
  12. UK

    it's a lovely chapel, I've the green chairs before in other pics /reports. it looks sweet.
  13. UK

    What a stunning place indeed! The furniture in this living room/ tv closet reminds me of that one my parents had when i was growing up ( in the 80's... luckily they've bought new stuff later on ) I love your detail shots like the hairdryer, the sewing machine...
  14. Belgium

  15. France

    well thanks


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