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  1. Belgium Mold House August '17

    Thank you so much! :-) It´s nice you´ve recognised me by the style of my photos.
  2. Belgium Mold House August '17

    Recently, I´ve visited "Mold House". Of course, more than well-known. When I first set my eyes on pictures of that house with its amazing colours and its state of decay, I instantly fell in love. I´m glad I could fulfill my dream of visiting that place. I especially loved the pink colour of the armchairs being sokaed into the carpet. [/url]
  3. Couldn't chair less!

  4. The small chapel is idyllically situated on the hillside. Standing at the foot of the hill, the building is almost invisble. Thanks to the season, the knowing eye is able to spot the chapel between the sparse vegetation. Following up the slope for few minutes, a small weather-beaten wall appears. Climibing up the wall, there´s a small, overgrown path to follow. Inside the chapel it´s silent. Peaceful. The roof is full of holes - traces of the ravages of time. Ivy climbs steadily through the biggest of them. There´s still a large crucifix on the wall. The detailed depiction of Jesus is still in an unbelievable excellent condition. While Jesus looks as good as new, everything around him is decaying relentlessly. Unfortunately, I hardly have any information about the chapel. Old commemorative plaques testify that the chapel was probably errected by a local noble family. The building should be far more than 100 years old by now.
  5. UK St Crispins - "The Clock Tower" December 16

    The old clocktower is amazing! Awesome set of pictures!
  6. Germany Soviet Military Camp "Finsterer Forst" (March '16)

    There´s still so much to see every single time... I hope I come back again - as long as it´s possible! :-)
  7. Germany Soviet Military Camp "Finsterer Forst" (March '16)

    Thanks to all! :-)
  8. The old Soviet military camp is one of my favourite ones in Germany. It was built during the Nazi era and later used by the Red Army. After the fall of the Iron Curtain and the withdrawal of the Soviet troops from the former German Democratic Republic (GDR), the area has been abandoned. I´ve visited this place three times so far, because I´ve been so deeply fascinated by still finding so many authentical remnants of the past, and I´m sure there´s still more to explore.
  9. Germany Small Brewery - September 2016

    Thanks to all! :-)
  10. Germany Small Brewery - September 2016

    I don´t have much information about the small brewery which is located in the south of Germany. The current owner is a guy from England, who disappeared some years ago. Since then, the building has been left to decay. The story hit some headlines in the local newspapers. Small, but I loved it anyway!
  11. I love the photos and especially the warm tones! Great place with a lot of inventory left.
  12. Germany Sanatorium R.

    Thank you all! :-) The peacock was a nice surprise indeed, haha.
  13. Germany Mental hospital (visited 12/2015)

    Fancy curtains! Great captures!
  14. UK Greenwich Peninsula, London - October 2016

    Love your captures! Amazing!
  15. Italy Manicomio Di Q, Italy - September 2016

    Love that place! Haven´t been there so far. Nicely captured!


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