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  1. Belgium Henry's Powerplant (05/2016)

    a really cool powerplant, no decay but still really nice
  2. Belgium Abdei V (04/2016)

    a beautiful location, the architecture is really amazing
  3. Belgium Old Industrie (05/2016)

    yes one of my favorites
  4. Belgium Old Industrie (05/2016)

    part of a big metal factory, rust,metal,machines,turbines,,, really my kind of place
  5. Belgium The chemical zone (08/2015)

    thank you all
  6. Belgium The chemical zone (08/2015)

    A part of a bis metal factory
  7. Belgium the once so mighty cloud factory (04/2016)

    this was the first powerplant i ever did, 1 year later know,,, it looks a lot different know
  8. Belgium The Decay Powerplant

    it was march this year
  9. Germany Hunters hotel

    A legal visit in this hotel from the 1800s, one of the most beautiful locations i ever was
  10. Belgium The Decay Powerplant

    a old and rusty powerplant
  11. Belgium Gravestone church (03/2016)

    the skeleton you can't see:(
  12. Belgium Gravestone church (03/2016)

    Nice church in Belgium, really dark place to be
  13. Belgium Powerplant DC (03/2016)

    powerplant dc,, so happy i finally did this location, really amazing to be here
  14. Belgium The Particle Accelerator (03/2016)

    thanks everybody :d: d happy you all like this
  15. Belgium The Particle Accelerator (03/2016)

    A really cool location, a lot of industrie here