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  1. Vested with @GK_WAX and @dangle_angle and non member dylan. It was on our Welsh tour we visited this very small chapel not much to see there and in quite a mess it's made from corougated sheet metal. And didn't have your traditional benches but green canvas chairs. I don't know the name of the church. So here's a few photos...
  2. It shows persistence pays of nice one ..
  3. UK

    Did you go the mill up the road
  4. This is another one from our Wales tour. This was in a very secluded place and a nice little chapel.this one is totally untouched. It even has power to turn the lights on.nothing I can find on this. I haven't seen any previous reports from here either. Visited with @dangle_angle and @GK_WAX and non member's a couple of photos I took...
  5. This was another stop on the Wales tour we did with @GK_WAX and @dangle_angle and dylan.afrer the early start this was the first stop of the day where we met dylan. This big old house is in a amazing location.there isn't any history on this place is simply a abandoned house and has been named AR house I presume because of the trunk in the hallway with the AR initials on it. So if anyone does have a name or more info then please tell me.the place is in a bit of a state.but does have a nice waterfall running alongside it. So here's a few photos I took..
  6. visited one evening with @dangle_angle after receiving a phone call if I want to take a look. And not being to far away we met a hour later at the library.this once would have been such a grand place it still holds a lot a character but sadly this is all being stripped back to bare brick as you can see in the photos. So there looks to be work ongoing. Would have loved to have seen it in its heyday with all the fancy plaster ceilings.heres some history and photos. History West Derby Library (known locally as Lister Drive Library) was established with funding from an Andrew Carnegie (Philanthropist and Industrialist) grant, and opened in 1905. The Library is a one-storey brick built structure with stone dressings, a slate roof and an octagonal turret and was designed by Thomas Shelmerdine. The Library originally contained a lending library and a number of reading rooms. Sadly, following health and safety concerns, the library closed in 2006 and has remained vacant since. This period of un-occupation has resulted in the library being subject to theft, vandalism and neglect. In the spirit of Hidden Liverpool I am pleased to share the following exciting news.......... The ‘Lister Steps Carnegie Community Hub’ project (funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund) is currently in its development stage, however once completed Lister Steps aim to relocate their existing childcare services into the building. The completed Library will also serve as a centre for community engagement, a ‘hub’ offering refreshments, activities and training opportunities for the local community and visitors. The project will shortly begin a period of consultation with stakeholders and members of the community. The project aims to host a number of heritage activities in the near future such as tours of the Library and an oral history project.
  7. Another stop on our Wales tour was this old mill. Myself @dangle_angle and @GK_WAX and non member Dylan. The mill is in bad condition but I was surprised how bright and good condition the spools had kept. Wasn't a lot to see. But it did have a nice river and waterfall running along side the mill. Here's some history and photos.. History Leri Mills was one of Ceredigions first woolen mills. It was built from around 1809 consisting of several buildings; two tweed mills, a spinning and carding shed, a wool / washing shed, a dye shed and a craft shop. Initially the tweed was sold locally to farmers and miners but for at least the last thirty years of operation the mill was open to the public, with demonstrations of all of the processes on view, and most importantly a shop that sold tweed, garthen (a tapestry used as a bed covering), rugs and postcards. The rise of foreign travel in the late seventies led to a fairly rapid decline in business Sadly the mill finally stopped trading in April 1981 and was initially put on the market for £150,000. A buyer wasn't found and the mill remains in the family that ran it from at least 1950.
  8. Visited with @GK_WAX and dangle_angle and another non member this was another place on the Wales tour. And this little old chapel had certainly seen its best was totally rotten with huge holes in the roof. We didn't stay very long and only took a few photos so here's a bit of history to go with them History Salem Methodist Chapel was built in 1833 in Arthog, near Barmouth in North Wales. In 1868 it was rebuilt in the Gothic style of the gable-entry type, by architect Thomas of Landore, and eventually closed in 1973. Apparently the owner of the building moved abroad to avoid paying a bill for a quarter of a million pounds, which means as a result the walls and other works of the structure are unsafe to passing motorists and local residents due to lack of maintenance. It has been assessed and surveyed and is deemed likely to collapse on itself if it does go.
  9. This nice chapel was found by chance as we drove past and noticed it wasn't in use anymore and looking a bit sorry for its self with a few broken windows and overgrown so decided to take a look inside. Here's a few photos and a bit of history ..visited with @dangle_angle and @GK_WAX and a non member.. Site Description Soar Methodist Chapel was first built in 1806, rebuilt in 1845 and enlarged in 1864. Soar was rebuilt for the final time in 1877, by architect Richard Owen of Liverpool, in the Romanesque style of the gable entry type with an integral tower.
  10. UK

    It was a school day so you would have been at work pal
  11. UK

    Yeah mate well almost the same. Just a slightly bit diffrent. It passed a hour on lol.
  12. Visited early one morning with @dangle_angle. First of I must say this place is a total death trap with floors that can only be described as weetabix. And is totally stripped out. But is all natural decay no vandalism or graffitti anywhere. Didn't take many photos but here's a few I on with the history and pics... Swan Meadow Mill was built by James Eckersley in 1827 and became Old Mill when a new, larger mill was built in 1838. It was demolished in 1960 followed in 1963 by the larger mill. James Eckersley and Sons had three four-storey mills by 1880.Musgraves of Bolton supplied a tandem compound steam engine in 1884.Eckersleys ran six spinning mills and two weaving sheds in the town, Swan Meadow Old, Swan Meadow large, Water Heyes, and Western Mills No.1, No.2 and No.3. The mills housed a total of 236,572 ring spindles, 14,554 mule spindles and 1687 loom
  13. Very nice Tracey. Great photos.


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