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  1. France Rusty Mine

    Hi All, Some pictures of a mine. A spot quite dangerous but a great place ! Hope you will like these pictures
  2. France Bureau Central

    Hi all, Some pictures from "Bureau Central" Hope that you will like these ones
  3. Hi all, Some pictures of an old pottery somewhere in France
  4. France La Culotte de Mémé

    Hi all, An house somewhere in France....
  5. France Chapelle des Morts

    Hi all, Some pictures of this little chapel somewhere in France I hope you will enjoy it
  6. France Chateau des Dieux

    Hi all, Only three pictures from "Chateau des Dieux" I will post more pictures of this castle soon
  7. Hi all, It was difficult to take pictures of this place... The sun was too present on this day... But I tried to do my best :-)
  8. Hi all, A place well known in the world of the urbex I expected something better... Everyone talks about this place as being THE spot to do but in the end I was disappointed
  9. Hi all, Some pictures from "La Sainte Usine". Other name for this industrial location "L'Usine du bout du monde" I hope that you will like this :-)
  10. France Hopital des Biches

    Hi all, Some pictures of an abandoned hospital His urbex name "Hopital des Biches"
  11. France Hopital des Biches

    No Bitches but only Biches :-) This area is quite empty but there is some pictures to take
  12. Hi all, Some pictures from old cars...
  13. France Le Cimetière des Légendes

    Two more pictures....
  14. Hello all A small report containing only three photos at the moment... I hope that you will enjoy it
  15. France Le Cimetière des Légendes

    Oops sorry two broken links...
  16. Hi all, Some pictures from an old farm in France Hope you like it
  17. Hi all, Some pictures an old company closed since 1969.... Hope you like it
  18. France Sarko Home (Nov 2015)

    Hi all, A very little house somewhere in France...
  19. Old Timer Folies

    Only three pictures for the moment of "Old Timer Folies" Some old cars somewhere....
  20. Old Timer Folies

    One more picture :
  21. Chapelle des Loups

    A small chapel in forest...