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  1. hiya from Birmingham !

  2. hiya from Birmingham !

    cheers guy - muchos friendliness makes me smile :D just wondering do you guys prefer the 28days report style which covers pretty much the whole of a building eg every room even if not that interesting or is just the arty shizzle ok?
  3. hiya from Birmingham !

    Heya guys, thought I'd jump on here as I'm pretty crap with tech and basically I have technophobia and can't get me head round the other forum Got a load of stuff to upload as been doing this for not that long now but covered a lot of ground and into the photography - damn there's some epic stuff on here btw. Sure I've met a few of you before and always good to make friends and learn more - be interesting to see who else lives around Brum. Enough of the gibber, gonna attempt a first report