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  1. Hey the machiens and the bicycle stand above the Mercedes. Although I was with my girlfriend there but not at 1.8 . =)
  2. Hey Guys, a long time has passed since my last post . but I 'm here at last something new for you . I have to deal with the forum myself more . I hope as always enjoy the pictures and you write a few comments . have a nice day
  3. Thank you all, The penultimate Pictures from Haus am See enjoy it
  4. Hi All Deep in the forest by a lake stands this villa. For many years, leaving. An attempt was made to renovate. But the one who has given up, probably a long time ago. There are not yet finished all the pictures, here ever a foretaste. Greetings Patrick:zombie
  5. I thank all of you here an addendum. enjoy it
  6. Today I will give you one more Pics from me. An old swimming bath , which will actually to renovate but they make nothing. A very nice place . Enjoy it , I hope you like it too. Good evening , I 'm going to read some of the other contributions of you =D
  7. a very beautiful and interesting place an old steel factory closed for many years and left to decay. I hope you like it