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  1. Visited on two occasions with a non-member. The first time round, we spent more time on the East side and completely missed the bunkers. We heard diggers and machinery, but never saw any hi-vis types. There were a fair few explorers milling about though, which gave it a sort of Upwood (but not as crap) vibe. My mate wanted to get a taste of the 'Eastern' weather. Safe to say it was pretty dismal this winter, although he avoided the worst of the snow in January. There was plenty of sludge and mud to go around though On our second visit we managed to get to the bunkers, but found that they were deceptively sealed. We saw less people this time round and realised that much more of the site is now rubble than we originally thought. Considering in its heyday it had over 500 buildings, I'd say there are only now a few dozen of the bigger ones left. We nearly bumped into the demo crew on site a couple of times, but the beauty of this site is that it's so big and there are so many places to hide that they're never going to catch you. Was it worth visiting? For sure. It feels like I've ticked another one off the list and the murals and size of the place really are the redeeming elements to an otherwise bland and fooked Cold War derp. Will it be worth visiting in the future? I very much doubt it. I think within a few months it will have had it, sadly. That said, I don't think the bunkers are going anywhere at least, so I'll keep an eye on them with regards to internal access when I pass by in future. My photos don't do any justice to the scale of the place. For that a drone would definitely be useful. The videos probably give more of an idea of the 'geography' of it all. Anyway on with the photos... Rubbish dump. The Soviets very often dumped their rubbish in pits. This is evident all over East Germany. We found old gas masks, NBC overshoes, milk churns, boot polish, the lot! We bumped into a super-bait, full camo clad German and his missus in this building. Steps in the cinema. One of many small, buried buildings in the woods. Writing on the door. Warhead bunker. Bunged up door. Didn't seem worth digging out as all the other doors were welded from the other side it seemed. Lenin mural... More murals... Videos. Includes other assorted East German and Polish derps from the past couple of months. May contain the odd angry Gopnik and Fietsopa quote or two. Ace couple of weekends all-in-all. Big ups and thanks to DD for providing decent company and lulz. Thanks for looking, SJ.
  2. Other

    Fantastic spot! Ace pics and video.
  3. Bulgaria

    Those beds look good for a doss!
  4. Bulgaria

    Mint shots, old chap! You're killing it... Looks like the climb up the tower was well worth it. Stunning.
  5. Absolutely epic! Spot on shots to boot!
  6. Ugly, but strangely intriguing building. Looks like you picked a good night for it too
  7. That tower is lush. Excellent pics from the top! Nicely done.
  8. Italy

    Mint. Fantastic looking old beasts. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Germany

    Nice location. Beautiful shots.
  10. France

    Mad explore mate, well done
  11. Yeah was in the process of being stripped during that time, so is probably fooked now Farewell to a legendary place, loved it.
  12. Back again for my third visit! This one was definitely the best and as such the most worth sharing on here. This place is huge - I'm certain there's many bits that I haven't seen yet. Visited with @TheVampiricSquid @Biebs and @MrObvious I'll spare you the history as it's very easy to find and cut straight to the explore story... Well basically I was wanting to do another revisit for a long time, but never quite got round to it. It had been 11 months since my last visit, so I was itching to get back - especially seeing as it was so much fun last time playing hide and seek with the Police and such! I got chatting to Squid one day, he asked me if I was free and I just ended up going for it. It was one of those spur-of-the-moment, opportunist situations and the whole thing unfolded beautifully and we ended up having a great night! I reckon we must have spent about 14 hours on site in total, give or take an hour or so when we got pinched, grabbed a kebab and went back in again! Shots I got were a bit mixed in quality, but different nonetheless... First stop, the labs... Having a look at the gym on the way through. It was all pretty stripped compared to my first and second visit. God knows what it's like now. Scanner. Onto the roof. At this point in time the explore is taking it's toll a bit and we're all getting rather drowsy, so we go to the "Chill Room", have a couple of beers and start pondering whether to get some shut eye. Then Biebs mentions the X-Ray area and we decide to march down there and get some more shots. We crash out soon after that and wake up feeling reasonably fresh. Video: More general pics can be found on my Flickr. On our way out we bump into Squid's secca nemesis Brian who remarks "I suppose you think you're clever do ya!?". I was hoping for more of a confrontation for the LULz, but to my disappointment he just stood there and gave us the evils Fantastic night on the whole. Many thanks to Squid, Mr.Obvious and Biebs for showing me around and helping me out Thanks for looking.
  13. First Explores Since Moving Both airports were explored with a non-member (the Missus). As some of you know I moved to Poland a little under three weeks ago. About 10 days after I arrived, I got the cravings for a splore so I decided to check out some of the local mooches... Sunday is definitely the day to explore here - it's traditionally a day of prayer and rest, so the towns, villages and back roads are virtually deserted, which makes for some pleasurable driving and wandering! It's certainly refreshing from the 24/7 hustle and bustle of the crowded South East of England. I'd known of these sites for a long time, but I never got a chance to take a look in the past because I didn't have a vehicle here... Scroll forward to the present and I managed to drag my aged wagon here, albeit with a few difficulties passing through Belgium, but I somehow got here in one piece and with a working car! Bring on the Eastern Bloc concrete!!!... The first airport is Chojna (pronounced 'Hoy-nah')... This one felt smaller, with less extant buildings and was much easier to navigate. I was shocked I was able to just drive onto it! There aren't many derelict airfields in the UK thanks to a shortage of land, let alone ones you can drive on! I found that both sites were used by locals as a makeshift drift/race track. When they were hooning it down the runway in Audis and what not I made sure to keep well clear I also noticed that half the buildings were being re-used as storage here. The blast proof hangars make excellent warehouses I'd imagine. There was a Nazi presence here during the war, training pilots. The Krauts blew the place up as they retreated from the pursuing Russians. Then the Soviets took over and did the place up, flying Sukhoi and Mig fighters from here. We got into town and noticed this old building. My girlfriend said to me "You shouldn't go in there - it says not to go in there - don't go in there!". This was her second explore with me. I sometimes think she has no idea what I actually get up to when I go out Clock tower. Some of this building was sort of half-renovated. The Poles often do that - they'll re-glaze, paint and render a set of barracks from the middle and just leave the other half falling to bits The writing on the door roughly translates to "No trespassing. Danger of death". Inside it was obvious the locals had been using it as a place to drink. People often sit outside garages or village shops and just knock back vodka, so why not in a derp I suppose. There are dozens of blast proof hangars dotted about the place, which would have been for protecting the planes. The doors on them sit on rails. They must have had some sort of massive system of gears to open them, they were about 5ft thick! I thought it would be hilarious to stick my car in one of them. There's a fair bit of Russian written on the walls. Russian was part of the school curriculum during the Communist era. Inside one of the bigger hangars. The scale of these things is just epic. The second airport is Kluczewo (pronounced 'Clootch-ay-voh')... This one had way more buildings and was x3 more overgrown. I'm sure I missed a lot, including a concrete block with Lenin's head on it, an accommodation building, a bunker and more. This one was also originally a Nazi airfield and was taken over and done up by the Reds. Like the previous spot, this one has been abandoned since the early 90s. There were a few people mooching about on the air field here too. I think I may well come back here with the crew in Winter when the vegetation has died off. There are derp buildings everywhere. Blink whilst rolling past and you'll miss something. An alley of semi-buried hangars. Control tower. The inside of the control tower had collapsed in many places. This made access to the upper level not possible. There are small dugouts here and there too. On the runway I returned in November and got a few more shots of some things I missed... Shooting range. Fuelling area. The sign says "No smoking". GRANIT bunker for the storage of nuclear warheads. "Telephone". Video Overall a couple of ace mooches! Very different to what the UK has to offer. I don't have the time now that I used to, but hopefully will be checking out more spots when I have the chance. Thanks for looking!
  14. The UAC Faustficken Gamel Jaeger Reunion Tour Part of a long weekend's trip with @Conrad and a non member. When I moved to Poland a few months back, with the adventures winding down and life drastically slowing in pace, I suggested that the crew should all meet up in Berlin over the Christmas period. The idea went down well and with Konrad sourcing the accommodation it became a dead cert trip. Konrad sorted, organised and led the entirety of this trip, so big ups to the Ballz man - we couldn't have done it without you! Konrad travelled from the North of England by plane, DD from the South East by plane and me from North West Poland by bus. We were quite limited on time, because Dick Derpin had to go back to work on the Monday. With that in mind we frantically tried to cram in as much as possible over the two days we had as a complete crew. I had an extra day and a half after DD left, so me and Konrad tried to get some other stuff done but without much success. What with the terrorist attack being so close to us and locking down the city, it pretty much quashed any hopes of doing anything bait and inner-city in the end anyway. Fatigue, hunger, cold and bad kebabs wrecked us over the few days we spent yomping across Berlin, with it later transpiring that DD sustained a pretty serious injury to his leg probably whilst climbing a ton of stairs trying to get onto a hotel tower roof. The Chemiewerk's been around since 1899 and originally operated as a cement works. During WWII it produced Bauxite for the Nazis and after the war produced phosphate products for agriculture and eventually went belly up. The place has been used as a film set and was featured in the film Enemy at the Gates. It was the biggest site we did whilst in Germany. Our first visit was short lived. As soon as we got into the main hall, we heard noises and saw smoke. We made our way in a bit further and found some kids/photographers in there with dirtbikes and smoke bombs with zero concept of keeping shit on the down low... Thirty minutes later and secca turns up to flush the kids out, me and DD are mooching on the ground and Konrad is up on the high stuff, so me and DD bolt it and find a way out through the fence and hide across the train tracks, eventually regrouping with Konrad. We retreated to the museum grounds on the other side and watched secca, before calling it a day. A couple of days later me and Konrad end up going back, this time without pesky kids ruining the vibe and getting us rumbled. On the approach... Dick Derpin on the ground. Ballz hits the high stuff. Silos. Vaping n mooching. Getting to the high stuff. Decent views from the top and a good place to hide from hi-vis types. Video. The place is a shell, but immense and satisfyingly Eastern looking. Thoroughly enjoyed this one, it was well worth getting cold and damp for. I didn't get a huge amount of photos, but the lads will provide some of the halls and what not with any luck. Big ups to DD and Konrad. Thanks for the looking.
  15. UK

    ...Latex/bestiality fetish.


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