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  1. France Bustes 2016

    Mad dash with Stussy for a fun dash in france As usual photofuckit has reduced quality
  2. Italy Italy Oct 2016 : Blue Cross Church

    been a while but thought would share this one as usual photobucket f**** up the quality 1st day in Italy and got to say I loved this place, huge seminary with a lovely chapel
  3. Italy Villa Mint Feb 2016

    lovely place, smallish but typical Italian beauty, this and Manicomio Di R where the highlights for me Secret bondage club.............. I cant talk about it
  4. Italy Feb 2016 Manicomio Di R

    Another belting location visited with Stussy on our mini Italy tour Cheers The Baron
  5. Italy Villa Mint Feb 2016

    Beautiful building in Italy Cheers The Baron
  6. Havent posted for an age but saw another excellent report and inspired me to post again (after sorting out resizing issue I had months ago (thanks andyK)) Fun time, few hours tour inside, with a group of 8 of whom only 3 of us where taking photos cheers The Baron
  7. UK Chernobyl nuclear power plant, May16

    nice set mate, I done the same tour in May aswell, fascinating to see the control rooms
  8. UK Bangour Village Hospital, West Lothian - April 16

    well done mate, never managed to get in any of it
  9. Czech Republic The church of nine ghosts (Permission Visit)

    love seeing pics from this place
  10. UK St Josephs Seminary, Upholland - April 2015

    nice set mate, was a fun day
  11. How to Resize Images

  12. France October 2015 : Fachos

    resizing is crap !! quality goes to shit v`s
  13. France October 2015 : Fachos

    3rd location of the first day in France with Stussy and a non member Lovely place, good fun and I didnt crash the hire car on this day of the trip cheers The Baron
  14. Belgium Maison Puce (August 2015)

    like them mate nice set
  15. very nice set of a very nice place............... the smilie face radio is upside down, I`ve seen pics from about 6 months ago and its the other way up. Never noticed myself until comparing it to the older set