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  1. I've visited this former state hospital site a few times and over the last few years they've torn down a few buildings and unfortunately before I was able to make my first visit the morgue and lab were two of those :(. I wished I'd gotten to see them but alas...I did not. Here are a few photos from various trips. I didn't take great photos when I first started exploring and my editing sucked! Most of the buildings are rather boring and not much was left inside. One of the areas of this complex was/is a bowling alley which for years was flooded and no one was able to photograph it. However when they were preparing a building beside it to be demoed the water was removed from it. It's completely dark there so no available light except by light painting which I detest This building above they removed the cupolas for what reason I don't know and they are sitting behind fence at the building in the background This building was demoed 2016.
  2. One of my favorite hospitals...the Kirkbride. This example of one was built in 1858 and had unfortunately some rather hideous modification done over the years mainly in the admin section. I contacted the state archives where this building is located after I visited my second time asking if they had any old photos of the interiors and sadly they did not. I also asked for any information they had which turned out to be very little. They did direct me to a small group of students from college that did some research and gave presentation a few years ago as well as some PDF files of what they did have in their collection. The "chapel" or amusement hall looks like it was really beautiful originally and from what I can discern they made it into 2.5 floors from the original open space it once was. There is a really decorative stenciling in the "attic" portion which should have been seen from what is now the first floor along with pretty stained glass windows which again are "cut" up due to the floor addition. Admin has some ghastly suspended ceilings with piping all over. The front entry was covered up partially and made smaller as well from what I can tell. Why they did such hideous things I do not know. Lack of common sense or wanting to preserve the originality of the building. There really isn't much information about this place as I mentioned but I do know in the 1930's they changed the wards to mainly open ones hence really no patient rooms. There were also several other buildings that have been torn down over the years which were quite nice and some modifications done to the outside of the kirk which I found out about when I found an old postcard view of it. Anyway here's the photos from my various 4 visits. It's 11 hrs from me or I'd gone more than that
  3. Last year a couple friends and I were at a place and while not inside....were stopped by a cop and told we had to delete our photos. Well we did as we were told but looking back I wished I hadn't however he asked to see if we did indeed delete. Anyway I was not able to recover any of them when I returned home using any software. I was told that because I took pics after I deleted on that card is the reason. I'm not sure though. Another time I moved files over rather than copy as I usually did from the card and noticed I had almost 80 files missing. I was able to pull some from the card but not the ones I wanted. I sent the card back to Transcend and they said it was defective. However I continued to have issues when copying files where they became corrupt. Turns out it was due to the driver not being updated on the card reader. I had no idea it needed updated.
  4. Thank you Thanks for the compliments. The bathtubs were one of my fave shots to get because it was untouched with graffiti unlike some other parts :(. They have been planning to make this building into apartments/condos and it's registered historic but that means nothing here in the U.S
  5. Thanks and yes Forgot to add the old view of the kirk above
  6. It was someone else. I checked earlier. It was a photo from a hospital in Germany I believe. I just got you mixed up with him.
  7. Oops...they had a pic very similar to yours then. I'll have to take another look there at whomever that is
  8. Very nice shots of a very cool place. We have nothing like that over here
  9. Thank you very much! Glad you like the photos :D. I liked the pink color there...very relaxing Thank you Andy. BTW...I believe you're the person I contacted on Deviant art about one of your photos a few months ago. My name is pewter2k there but I don't use that site very much.
  10. Very nice shots. That place is super clean! Rare find around here that's for sure.
  11. Thank you! Oh lookie who's over here :D. I remember now seeing a post of yours awhile back of some very lovely photos. Thanks for the compliments. Sorry about your photos :(. And by lookie I just mean you're here is all eyevolve Thank you!
  12. Thank you for the nice comments here and on IG and for the follow as well. I'll post more photos from thence forth here
  13. Thanks very much! Sadly they don't care if a building is registered Historic which was meant to preserve them. However this one was not or any of the buildings. We've lost so many lovely buildings especially the kirks over the years with Greystone being the most recent. It was registered historic but it was torn down. There were some politics involved there it seems Thanks! Thanks for the warm welcome back. I was laying low for awhile . Thanks for the kind words! Glad you enjoy the photos The tubs were my favorite thing there.....also basically the only thing left besides toilets and sinks
  14. I finally got to see this small hospital after 5 yrs of wanting to do so. I'd tried once in the past when I lived further away but security was sitting at the gate. I never tried again till recently when a very nice new friend took me there after he was successful seeing it Whole set here https://flic.kr/s/aHskFRiQK5
  15. Thank you both for the compliments! Oh yes you saw them on Flickr first Hydrotherapy was on of the usual treatments that's for sure. I have a link to the rest of the pics from here just at the top of the photos Hamtagger