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  1. Great report indeedy and I love your pics.
  2. Lovely shots plus it is good to see a place like this tag free.
  3. I like this very much..I can only do places like this now after my back surgery so might give it a go.
  4. Simply fabulous
  5. UK

    Cracking vid
  6. UK

    Lovely report and pics..someone offered to show me round this but with my dodgy back,Im not so sure
  7. UK

    In the words of Craig Revell Horwood..Fab U Lous Darling!!!
  8. Poland

    Fabulous quality shots mate..I used to be a pipe fitter but never saw how the fittings were made.
  9. UK

    Lovely vid..many thanks indeedy
  10. Fabulous shots,particularly number 2.Well done and thanks for sharing
  11. UK

    What a lovely looking building..thanks for sharing this one..nicely shot too.
  12. Lovely shots there..I love the pic of the chair with walking stick.
  13. UK

    Looks pretty much the same as five years ago..nice to see the scrotes have not trashed the place
  14. UK

    I really enjoyed reading your report and pic 11 is damn good.Well done on your effort
  15. This is one for any new explorers in the area who might be starting out and want an easy one.Selena House is or was a nursing home.I have little real history on it but by the looks of it,I reckon it was originally a detached house in grounds that was added to over time.In 2012 however,an inspection by the council found some serious quality issues regarding food,health and general hygiene.Before any action could be taken,the owner decided to hand in his license and close the home.It quickly fell into disrepair with the final straw coming in the shape of a fire several years ago that destroyed about a third of it.There are though still a few rooms worth looking at namely the kitchen,the lounge and many residents rooms plus an interesting attic.Anyhow,I wont bore you any more..as I said,this one is really for noobs only... The frontage is totally boring Smoke damaged residents room In the attic,this seemed to be a den of sorts,and there are stacks of paperwork left up there too. Dining Room Wild Sage bath And another residents room in better condition. And finally that kitchen Like I said,this really is a fetid place so would suite a noob..beware also when upstairs,as it is very very dangerous where the fire took hold


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