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  1. UK RAF Folkingham Vehicle Graveyard - October 2017

    Great to see this again..me and Diehardlove visited 2009 and loved it.The owner told us he planned to sell much of his collection,but its clear he is still adding to it.Great shots too.
  2. Great report indeedy and I love your pics.
  3. Lovely shots plus it is good to see a place like this tag free.
  4. I like this very much..I can only do places like this now after my back surgery so might give it a go.
  5. UK Fullers Earthworks in 4K May 2017

    Cracking vid
  6. UK Bletchley Park 05/17

    Lovely report and pics..someone offered to show me round this but with my dodgy back,Im not so sure
  7. UK Abandoned Apothecary

    In the words of Craig Revell Horwood..Fab U Lous Darling!!!
  8. Poland The Pipe & Fitting Company Ltd. (Poland - May 2015)

    Fabulous quality shots mate..I used to be a pipe fitter but never saw how the fittings were made.
  9. UK Windlestone Hall April 2017

    Lovely vid..many thanks indeedy
  10. Fabulous shots,particularly number 2.Well done and thanks for sharing
  11. UK Calcott Hall, Wales - April 2016

    What a lovely looking building..thanks for sharing this one..nicely shot too.
  12. Lovely shots there..I love the pic of the chair with walking stick.
  13. UK Tone Mill, Wellington 2016

    Looks pretty much the same as five years ago..nice to see the scrotes have not trashed the place
  14. UK RAF Spadeadam Airfield, Northumberland - March 2017

    I really enjoyed reading your report and pic 11 is damn good.Well done on your effort