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  1. UK

    Taking an unlikely turn from my usual self and deciding to walk to work for a change, I stumbled across this… thing, that I have no idea what it is. (Been explained to me since originally exploring now :P) Ok so not strictly true, I have known about it for years but literally stumbled across access on my walk home. I actually have no idea what it is or what it was for and am unable to find any details about it online, however given its close proximity to a water pumping station I suspect it is something to do with that. Hence the somewhat fitting name “The Watershed”. History wise, as above, I have no details so until I figure out what on earth it actually is I will let the pictures speak the words.
  2. UK

    Nope, no luck... though didn't try the track facing side. Train shot explains why haha...
  3. Heading north from my usual area of abode to pick up myself a new 4 wheeled toy (none from this report of course) and seeing this place was nearby, what better opportunity for a mooch. Being a bit of a car nut myself, I have been on a bit of a mission to see some abandoned vehicles so this was a perfect quick little explore to satisfy that mission. For now anyway. Certainly some interesting vehicles on the site, one of which in my opinion is well worthy of a restoration! Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get inside the station building itself and didn’t fancy crossing the live tracks to see the platform side of the building.
  4. With a slightly later Easter weekend start to the day than usual, making my way over to a certain church in Essex to meet with onethirtytwo_ to kick off the days splore. Now before I continue with this, despite our best attempts and even flagging down a local, we did not manage to venture inside the church itself, so in effect was a failed explore. However in true UD fashion a report is a report so I will share the few external shots I did get. There’s very little history on this place so won’t be posting any history with this report unfortunately.
  5. UK

    I thought the same thing when we found the wheelchair.
  6. Went to do the shopping but the shop was abandoned! We found a cookie though, but it was out of date. Far from the average explore this one. Maybe not at the top of everyones list to explore, but let’s face it… How often is it your local co-op or any supermarket in that fact is closed and abandoned? Best of all with power left on! Explored with onethirtytwo_ for the second location of the day, we feared it may be a failed explore as the outside of the building looked like a new build. However on closer inspection the building was sealed up and locked tight. After a brief hop over the fence and casual stroll around the grounds, we soon found our way in. Making our way through building, we found our way to the shop floor. What a sight it was, excuse the cliche but it really did look like a post-apocalyptic scene with the power still on, alarms beeping away and fridges and freezers still humming. History on the place? Well… it’s a co-op, what more do you need to know?
  7. It’s been a while once again since I have explored, tied up in one of many of lifes distractions… However, I am back and this time armed with a new wide angle lens! Exploring with one of my Instagram followers onethirtytwo_, great to meet a new explorer as well! So, I have had my eye on this place for quite some time and watched it open and close its doors numerous times, but noticing the boarding had finally gone up and hearing the place had closed for the final time, I took the closest opportunity I could. Unfortunately, as with many places I seem to explore, the local kids had already got to it before me and smashed a lot of the place to bits. Still with power turned on and much of the place still intact, we cracked on anyway.
  8. UK

    I still wouldn't haha.
  9. After being tipped off and visiting this place a fair few months back without my camera, the perfect nights opportunity appeared and grabbing my camera I was on my way. The building itself appears in relative good condition, which is unsupprising considering the google street view of the property shows it still in use. Other than the dampness and mould growing everywhere, most likely from the numerous broken windows and front door wide open. No hints on location there, yep Vincent Lodge is a code name! Unfortunatly the building has been stripped of anything worth while other than the kitchen appliences, an iron and the odd photography or broom. I am not one for the supernatural but I will admit a door did slam shut behind me for no obvious reason but being an explorer that I am, I ignored that and carried on snapping away. History? Well, what can I say… I can’t find anything without giving it away. Sorry people! But here’s the pictures anyway.
  10. On a total spur of the moment decision, I decided to explore The Green Man pub after forgetting my camera on a previous visit. Yep, facepalm moment that one was! As always with sites like this, it was well and truely trashed by the local chav population and anything worth seeing was already gone. Snapping away the pictures I could and the pictures that were worth taking, we left the building intending on taking some external pictures. Unfortunatly no later than 20 seconds after stepping outside, we were greeted by police and an unexpected presence of five or so cars. Turns out it was not related but were interested in why we were there, after a lengthy discussion we were on our way again. Big thanks for the new locations to miss officer person, we know each other all too well now haha! Take only photographs, leave only footprints Here’s the very few pictures I took.
  11. Returning from another location and giving up on numerous en route, feeling tired and cold we decided to stop at a rumor of air raid shelters. As it would seam, the rumors were true and it didn’t take long at all to find the shelters. Unfortunately many were trashed by the local chavs and many were flooded, however out of roughly 12 shelters we found in the overgrowth only two were still intact and in pretty good condition. There was not much to see but made for great pictures and a first for myself as well as Tiny Urban Exploration. History I will keep quiet, the shelters are virtually public knowledge but feel that these should be protected before any more damage is done.
  12. With a last minute call waking me up from a rather lazy Sunday layin, myself and Tiny Urban Exploration hit the roads and after a brief debate, decided to head for RAF Barnham. After hitting the roads for a good few hours we finally made our way to Thetford and began our explore, quite unsure what to expect. We immediatly discovered that a lot of the remaining buildings are now being used as workshops and garages, however the lookout towers and bomb stores themselves were still intact. We were also surprised to find that a lot of the site was in fact under restoration to its original features! Being late in the day and night time falling quickly, we were spotted by a person who turned out to live on site and look after the place! Our luck had turned, as once we got chatting we were happily shown around the site and given an insight into whats happening and the future of the site. Unfortunatly we were unable to gain access to the lookout towers dispite permission to enter them, however incredibly the main restored tower is in fully working order, including the search lights! History pinched from another report online, yes I know… I should start writing these up myself.
  13. Knowing this place was derelict for quite some time and never finding the oportunity to explore after rumors of local authorities using it for training, I was suprised to find nearly every door wide open. Not letting the chance go I picked a night on a last min decision and made my way in -2c temperatures to The New River Arms. Unfortunately the building has been totally stripped of anything worth seeing and is hard to decide if it’s ready for demolition, redevelopment or just been trashed by kids. Rather strangely the entire building was filled with straw and pretty much nothing but straw. You could almost think you was in an abandoned farmhouse. #derp
  14. Towards the end of the day we thought the tour bus had already arrived! It was genuinly hard to distinguish between the many explorers and security. Animals are still there, or at least the sea lions are still there. Yeah the wooden dome thing close to the road has been burnt down unfortunately, security told us that over £30,000s worth of damage had already been caused while they were escorting us off site so I dread to think now.
  15. UK

    No, didn't see the harrier but totally forgot about that!


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