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  1. Hello from Dorset!

    Will keep my head down until I've something material to share. Don't want to risk getting up anyone else's nose 😏 Thank you most of you for the warm welcome 😘
  2. Hello from Dorset!

    Will definitely do that :-) just had a very blunt and somewhat rude pm telling me to not ask for locations :-/ so sorry everyone... I didn't realise this was a no no, in my head I was thinking; we all like the same thing so maybe I can be pointed in the right direction. So sorry if I've fluffed up in my first couple of hours on here :-( didn't expect to come up against clicky people :-(
  3. Hello from Dorset!

    Thank you! :-)
  4. Hello from Dorset!

    Thank you! I shall revisit some of my old haunts and get good pics :-) hoping I can be pointed in the direction of some new locations too :-)
  5. UK Old Rectory Care Home, Aug 2015

    Lovely place and pictures!
  6. Hello from Dorset!

    Hi, I'm Lolly :-) I live in Dorset so if anyone knows of any good places to go explore round here let me know! :-)