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  1. Welcome Luke Vaughan

    Welcome to OS @Luke Vaughan - please introduce yourself and hope to see you around the forums
  2. Welcome aiecompany12

    Welcome to OS @aiecompany12 - please introduce yourself and hope to see you around
  3. What consequences are you concerned about? @Himeiji
  4. UK Friends Mission Hall, Shildon - May 2016

    Derpy derp derp! Did you play the piano?
  5. UK Harefield Lime Works 07/17

    You have started this really well with your commentry, personally I would drop the background music and carry it on. Maybe stick some of the stills you are taking up as well
  6. UK Spirit of the West -Cornwall

    I do at least like the fact theres no distracting music with it, but it would be far better with some sort of commentry, or writeup alongside it. Thanks for making the effort.
  7. Spain Abandoned 1859s hotel

    Vids are becoming much more popular with people nowadays, as long as they are interesting and done well they are mostly welcome here
  8. Other Abandoned soviet space shuttles

    Exactly what I was thinking! Anythning you can add to this @Ninurta, be great to know some background?
  9. Other Full-size engineering mock-up of "Energia" rocket.

    Shame its in Russian, but some more belting pics! thanks @Ninurta
  10. UK Bretton Hall, Wakefield - Dec 2017

    Hey now theres a cracking report! lovely building and great effort
  11. UK Middleton Mine Derbyshire April 2013

    Getting there Wev's, only about 800 bloody reports left to fix!
  12. UK First Post - St Josephs College, Upholland

    Good effort and thanks for taking the time to post @BritishRanger
  13. UK Casement Park Gaa sports ground Belfast

    Wow, I think thats on its way to becoming a new national park! Nice writeup and pics dude.
  14. Germany Ballhaus "blue stage"... [visit .../2017]

    Look at the detail on those columns! wowser. Nice to see another one from you @MiaroDigital
  15. UK Belfast City Mortuary, 2016

    Whiskey hangovers are usually worth it at least Great find there mate - nice one.