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  1. good morning from Superully in Germany

    Hi @Superully and welcome to the forum. A different style to most on videos could be refreshing to see, but definitely have some subtitles if it’s not in English. Look forward to seeing your contributions 😀
  2. Welcome Erinm951

    Hi @Erinm951, welcome to the forum. Why not introduce yourself and get stuck in on the forums? 😀
  3. UK Frederick Donisthorpe / LE Sansom

    Tell you what @Yorrick, you’ve made the derp look far better than it was. Good wander, but it was pretty buggered! 😁 Pics are good for a phone, shows what you can do when you take a bit of time with them. Cheers for posting, I’ll see if any of mine are worth chucking up.
  4. Italy Animal Testing Center - Italy - June 2017

    I’m starting to sound like a broken record now, but cracking write up again as usual @Paradox - enjoyable read as always. This pic looks a bit ominous... looks like a microwave 😳
  5. UK Drake Island - Plymouth - May 2017

    WHat a fantastic write up @Paradox, I really enjoyed reading it. Sounds like an awesome time out. Looks like a quality place for one of @Maniacs parties if it were easier to access!
  6. Germany Bauernhaus S. - 2017

    This is lovely mate, as usual. What are you shooting with may I ask? this in perticular stands out for me absolutely love it.
  7. UK Crank Caverns - Crank - November 2017

    I know now that well enough from a few escapades underground
  8. France HBCM UE Tarn Cokeworks - France - September 2017

    Well..... you certainly can’t miss him
  9. France HBCM UE Tarn Cokeworks - France - September 2017

    Thought so, looks fekkin big!
  10. France HBCM UE Tarn Cokeworks - France - September 2017

    Yet again an absolutely fantastic write up, very interesting. Sure I sure this on FB a few months back, is that a certain mr jobs I see in one of those photos? thanks for sharing 😀
  11. Italy Teatro G. - 06/2017

    That first shot is an absolute winner and a fine entry. thanks for sharing.
  12. UK Crank Caverns - Crank - November 2017

    Cracking write up there matey, pics look a bit claustrophobic! 😜
  13. Germany Theater Jodwede - 10/2017

    I think expertly photographed would be an appropriate description! This in perticular is awesome; nice one and thanks for posting.
  14. Italy Metalworks - 05/2017

    I wasn’t expecting this at all, wow. Your shots are fantastic, I’m struggling to pick a favourite, but if I had to it would be Quite the “peacock” effect. This is going to our picks, very well done.
  15. Very nice mate, I perticularly like the win on the wall instructing what to do depending on if you’re a defendant, guilty or not guilty.