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  1. Belgium

    Nice post mate!
  2. Seeing some awesome stuff coming in!

  3. USA

    Mate this is intense. What bothers me though, is the apology for the report being image intensive. I think you should apologise for apologising, as reports that good should never be apologised for.
  4. Belgium

    Touch over processed for my liking, but a great report. Love the old walls, the machinery, all great! Thanks for the share. P.S - personally think that signature works well - nice touch.
  5. USA

    That's a belter mate, beautiful decay. Thanks for sharing!
  6. I lived in chelmsford for like 15 years, and never knew about this., Thats quite embarrasing!
  7. Belgium

    Yea thats quite cool, little heavy on the editing for me, but the first picture is a winner!
  8. UK

    Den in the attic... Hope there were no squatters underneath!
  9. UK

    Cracking that. Never seen so many pianos in one place!
  10. Germany

    Love this one, short and sweet but great pics!
  11. UK

    Reminds me a lot of the one in romford, although I guess there wont be much different with them....
  12. Like this one a lot, plenty to mooch over
  13. UK

    Been a while since I have been there, but you have captured really nicely
  14. USA

    Interesting place, the following website is a good read for it http://www.centraliapa.org/


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