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  1. Good to see you mate, I'm a midlands lad again now, so would be interested in a wander
  2. Great stuff that, very interesting
  3. Pretty funny how much publicity your f00ked camera is getting
  4. Well well well, this is a surprise. When i clicked the link to this, I wasn't expecting such a detailed report with great pictures as well. What a write up, nice one.
  5. Germany

    I like this, a lot. Awesome shots.
  6. UK

    Good post this mate, nice one.
  7. France

    Mate, thats a beaut!
  8. Welcome along, look forward to seeing some of your stuff
  9. Welcome to the forum mate, we just so happen to have a section just for UE videos
  10. Hi Anna, welcome along. I doubt there would be many of us perticulalrly local to Atlanta - you may be better off doing a shout out on the FB group
  11. Italy

    Yup that works!
  12. UK

    Yes mate all fine now
  13. Other

    Absolute belter of a write up that mate, beats the place itself!
  14. Ireland

    The murals in these places always look a little out of place, but give a really nice addition to the character. Nice one.
  15. UK

    Having some trouble loading those pictures, but the window shot is really nice.


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