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  1. This is one of the few YouTube vids i'm actually quite interested in watching the whole length of when I have the time. Bet it took ages to make! I've edited your post to embed the vid, looks far better.
  2. Think we know why that place has been trashed, Rave.....
  3. Nice effort this. Quite interesting. What camera are you using? it would pay you to spend a little time light painting, although considering the circumstances you may not have opportunity.
  4. Preferences are preferences, at the end of the day you need to do what you are comfortable with or you wont enjoy it
  5. I reckon this chap went out with a headache!
  6. I guess this shows how important it is to havea backup if you are making a trek...
  7. Sensors would be for ground movement i expect.
  8. Christ thats mouldy, not sure if I have seen THAT much in one place before 😁
  9. Definately worth a quick stop by, really like that brick work. Not sure why the effort wouldnt be made to at least cover the windows if they are going to brick it up but hey ho. Probbaly didnt expect someone to be interested in a busted old pumping station to be fair 😁
  10. Its interesting that you say that, as its not entirely unbeleivable nowadays. Terrorists come in all different shapes and sizes, and if someone has no reasonable excuse to be somewhere....
  11. That is a interesting read, one of the first views you showed of the lorry park replacing the colliery is pretty staggering. How a scene can change so dramatically. I've noticed on a few former lines that although the signal boxes are gone, at least someting remains. I assume thats due to the physical controls still being connected to the track? Thanks for posting
  12. Hi @SouthCoastUrbex - you asked for some constructive feedback in your welcome thread, so i'll fire away with mine. The good bits. You have a half decent location, I havent heard of it before so am interested to see it. You have entered a decent bit of history, thats always a good start. There is no distracting music to the video. The not so good bits. Videos in my opinon without any shred of audio to them have very little value. You notice I pointed this out in the good bits of the explore, and thats because its usually a pretty fine line between being distracting and adding value. Commentry is golden ticket. This report would tell a far better story in picture format as you have made a decent introduction with history. Its way, way too long. No one is going to keep watching a YouTube explore (especially with no narrative) for more than a few minutes. If you hadn't specified in your intro what the explore was, I wouldnt have a clue.