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  1. The place, and your photos are incredible. If it had a bit more of a writeup, i'd select it for staff picks. The B&W especially, but the all round details is amazing.
  2. Are you personally involved with Many tears @The Barracuda?
  3. Cracking place and your pics are great! Gotta be pretty seriously rich to have a bank in your house....
  4. Place is interesting enough, just a shame I like others can't follow the narrative. A bit of writing would go a long way with this
  5. Unfortunately inevitable in this game, the thing that counts is that a good amount of poeple are able to see them before they go down the shitter.
  6. Nice effort for getting out there @jw94. What camera are you using? if its one that has options to control the shutter speed than a bit of light painting would do you very well
  7. Yea, I think this place may struggle to achieve a 1* rating
  8. Somre really, really odd looking machines there - I like it. Good to see this from the FB group, thanks for making the effort.
  9. Does look like its been through the wars a bit!
  10. Welcome to OS @Thisgrliknow - interesting name!