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  1. UK Firbeck Hall - Rotherham - Sep 2016

    Very significant amount of interesting history here, I like it. Such a shame it’s so badly trashed, hope it doesn’t end up like most others....
  2. Belgium Mansion Of The Bride 20.08.2016

    Juest come back to this, still love a couple of these shots, especially the armchair.
  3. Belgium Chez Bonbonne - April 2016

    That machine with the bulb on I see a bit different, I like it. The decor is... interesting Thanks for sharing 👌
  4. Other The PRO house (full set)

    @Controlled Chaos could you fix the links please? Was hoping to have another look at these 😊
  5. Other Palácio da Fonte da Pipa, Portugal, Summer 2016

    Well through time the owners never seem to have lacked in style. What a whopper. Looks pretty isolated as well. Nice one @Charlie Tango
  6. UK Holme Cottage - Midhopestones - Sep 2016

    The chap was obviously quite the musician. Doubt anything is left now unfortunately 😞 Were there any biscuits left? 😜
  7. Belgium Eric's Engine Room

    Strange looking place, why didn’t you feel comfortable?
  8. UK Alexander Court Care Home, Harrogate, July 2016

    Nice glass and staircase, not what would expect in a care home. By the sound of that report closure was a good thing.
  9. UK The Dome (Water Treatment Site) December 2017

    Good effort that mate, thanks for sharing 😀
  10. Welcome Niya

    Hi @Niya welcome to the forum. Please introduce yourself Andrew hopefully to see you around 😊
  11. Secrets to Yesterday

    You have some very impressive stuff there @SecretsToYesterday Be great to see some of it here 😁
  12. Urban Photography

    HI @Robert , got some good stuff there. If you don’t want to make your won’t website, please feel free to add your stuff here 😉
  13. Anybody up for a weekend of exploring?

    @Curious George, depending on where you are based I’d be happy to get out there for a day or weekend.
  14. Bangour 2016

    Many others share a similar sentiment, although in reality it’s very difficult to get s developer to retain even some of the buildings. Most of the time it’s only the locally listed ones that are kept, depending on how long the place has been derelict for. And to be fair, there’s no sense in them shelling out huge amount of money retaining something that governmentsand councils often want to erase completely. They are there to make money and if retaining features or characteristics isn’t going to add value, they simply won’t invest.
  15. Haus Des Pfarrers, behind the mystery !

    Have you found out anything more about this place @xclementx?
  16. Welcome adam1972

    HI @adam1972, welcome to the forum. Please introduce yourself Andy hope to see you around the forum 😊
  17. Mad Scientist's Lab, Poland (May 2015)

    Cracking report, looks like a great wander.loads of stuff to see 😀
  18. USA Boblo Island Warehouse April 2017

    You do like your massive industrial goodness 😜 works for me! Good effort and great write up thanks for sharing @mookster
  19. UK P.D. Bricks L.T.D., Llandulas, North Wales – May 2017

    Bet that landie broke your heart 😀 Some good shots there, especially like How you’ve captured that door with the light creeping in.
  20. France Alienworks – Power Plant - France - July 2017

    What a lovely place to look at. Things like the staircase, floor all add to it’s charm. Thanks for sharing @TrevBish.co.uk
  21. Germany Chocolate factory - August 2013

    Oh man, what a derp! Love it. Every shot is great, and lots to see.
  22. Dead Things - Not For The Squeamish -2015 (NSFW)

    What the hell is that all about??
  23. Germany Villa Muc... Germany April '16

    The staircase and bannisters, oooffff!
  24. BBCode Cleaner for flickr

    @Curious George I noice (unsurprsingly given the time passed) that the link is now dead, do you still have this please?
  25. Favourite music or what do you listen to?

    Its really annoying when peope say " a bit of everything" - but I am going to say that, partly. Metal / Heavy metal like Black Sabbath, Maiden, Rammstein etc (had a hell of a time at download last year), as well as a bit of operatic metal like Epica. Can take too a bit of buble if I'm in the mood. Can't be doing with D&B or trance though.