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  1. Not sure what to think of this TBH, rough as hell the fact that peoples graves have been busted into like that - but a bit different certainly.
  2. Bastard with matches certainly took a liking to that theatre Nice looking place mate.
  3. Thats actually really cool!
  4. I was thinking it was a right dump, but its not done bad for 2 decades really has it?
  5. @Serenity4 - The vid you posted should really go on its own thread so it doesnt take attention away from what is already a great report by the OP
  6. My immediate thought was that this is a pretty cool derp, however the afterthought was simmilar to others - quite a lot of saturation. Each to thier own, id probably prefer a little less, great report still
  7. Always wondered what it looked like behind the bowling alley
  8. This website has many sections off the main exploration forums, all of which can help you with taking advantage of the many features it has. Some of these are cosmetic, some of them directly impact posting. These guides are located at http://www.oblivionstate.com/forum/information/technical-help/ These will be updated over the coming weeks, however it would be useful for people to pipe up and ask any "how to" so we can kill two birds with one stone
  9. Incredible, again. I'm a bit biased, I love hospitals and asylums, but this is a PEACH. This has to be my favourite;
  10. I'm not sure what is better, the place or your shots! what an incredible place. Its not often you see detail like shot 3 in these places. This deserves a place in staff picks. More from you please!
  11. What a cracking report and place, wow! Anyone know its current status?
  12. Man, that's awesome! they sure know how to make their asylums. Nice one dude.
  13. Nice report this, i love your photos, quite atmospheric.
  14. Photo reports will always get a better reception on both sites to be honest, if you do both, you wont go wrong.
  15. I think you have posted and contributed more than enough to be able to post this up, its not a bad vid really to be fair
  16. Not a bad site, a bit different. I would however be nice if you could post a report up if you are going to link back to your site. This will shortly be a requirement before the link is posted, but in this case a repot would be appriciated
  17. @Steffi I assume you have the data you need? be interesting to see the result.
  18. Welcome to OS @johnny gomez - glad to have you here. How are you defining "low key explorer"?
  19. Welcome to OS @Desertify Urbex - good to have you here