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  1. UK Abandoned movie studio/film set - Beijing, China

    Yea I like this, Terracotta Army has always fascinated me, thanks for sharing.
  2. I reckon a rat infestation is the least its worries! Christ, rip it down to bricks and it may be worth 50P!
  3. UK North Staffordshire infirmary sept 2017

    Nice this, defo winner with the entrance.
  4. UK Haddon Tunnel, Derbyshire - November 2016

    Some call it dedication to the countryside, others would say he just had too much money
  5. UK TG Green Pottery - Derbyshire - July 2017

    I really like this, been meaning to go for a while - if you are around the area again and fancy another mooch hit me up
  6. UK Malsis School Crosshills July 2017

    That place is damned sexy!
  7. UK TG Greens, Derbyshire. April 2017

    Surprisingly big site on the map!
  8. UK Scout mine rossendale July 2017

    Doesn't look the most comfortable walk in the world...
  9. UK St Bernard's Hospital - London, May 2015 / July 2017

    Makes a change to see an intact hall...
  10. UK Wye College Labs, Kent, July 17

    Very nice mate
  11. UK TG Greens, Derbyshire. April 2017

    Good looking wander that, Church Gresley is only about 20 mins from me too....!
  12. UK Royal Marine's Deep Refuge - Chatham, Kent - July 2017

    Very nice this, done well to get those right.
  13. UK Caen Wood Manor, London - July 2017

    I think id label him a sore loser over being a dick, although a baseball bat is clearly OTT. Those last 4 pics are stunning mate.
  14. Belter of a report matey - love the write up. ..
  15. Hail Well met!

    Nice to hear that the FB group has brought someone in, welcome.
  16. UK Tower Colliery, May 2017

    Thats quite a state for only 9 years shut!
  17. Other Rebirth Island

    Nice work on this one matey, quite interesting.
  18. UK Chapel of St. Luke, Runwell - January 2017

    I like the B&W here, although it does look a bit like an air raid shelter.... That organ though!
  19. UK Singleway Mine - Bath - June 2017

    Nice one, thanks for sharing.
  20. Luxembourg Power Plant X, Luxembourg - April 2017

    Reminds me of the pye!
  21. UK Fullers Earthworks in 4K May 2017

    Thats not half bad, im surprised thats still standing to be honest!
  22. UK Chamberlin & Hill castings - Leicester - May 2017

    This is a bit cool, I may have to see if anyone fancies a wander!
  23. Prison 15H being knocked down

    This was a great chilled back explore. Shame.
  24. Miranda/Noisy

    Saw a video of its demise a few days ago :-( not sure about overrated - even looking at the frontage was great in pictures.
  25. News on Sabre house and a tidbit on Lullaby cottage

    Cheers for the heads up, at least it's done until some chavvy Twat fancies a laugh....


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