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  1. Fook wouldn't like a cut there ya not bloody kidding lol. Just the bloody thought . Great pics m8ty and a fond farewell not for to long though I hope m8ty..
  2. UK Essence house

    Awesome simples ....
  3. Good stuff m8ty. Looks rather nice does that. And good to see you still out and about.
  4. UK Fat willys house 2015/16

    That's a gem m8ty. Great shots thanks for sharing
  5. Stonker that m8ty. And some cracking shots great stuff
  6. UK Scout mine rossendale July 2017

    Good old scout. Great stuff m8ty. Good to see again.
  7. New Zealand Outlaw Biker Den, Papanui Junction - June 2017

    Loved reading that m8ty. Great pics great post thanks
  8. Jesus that's some stuff left there. Very sad that's what's become of someone's stuff/home. Bet it took ya a day to wash off the smell m8ty lol... Great stuff
  9. Really nice m8ty. You've seen some cracking stuff recently .. good pics and nice post
  10. Nice that m8ty. I was also surprised pottery was still intact.. Good stuff.
  11. Good stuff gk m8ty. Nice little place and looks like the vandal dicks haven't got there yet. Nice pics m8ty. Good seeing ya out and about
  12. UK Oakwood Farmhouse - Norfolk - June 2016

    Damn that's nice m8ty. Love me my farms cottages etc. Nice post
  13. New Zealand Bruce Woollen Mill, Milton - May 2017

    Holy crapballs I'm liking that. Belter that m8ty
  14. UK Abandoned Apothecary

    Ok my first of 2017. Ready Holy Fuckballs that's nice right there. Jeez I could spend hours looking and reading them bottles. Thx scrappy that's epic.


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