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  1. Belgium N.K.P.S: 'Villa Cavity' Nov '13.

    Great pics guys, especially LOVING the pic of the stairs they are just sexy. Sounds and looks like you both had a fab time on your adventure
  2. Belgium N.K.P.S: Villa Heil Nov '13

    Stunning shots and great location, Thanks for the share
  3. USA Hospital Alcatraz, CA - 2013

    Ooooo I like very very much , but please sir can I have some more . Would LOVE to visit this place, Thanks for the share
  4. Fab share and great pics
  5. Tower Crane Essex Innit!

    Wicked view from up there mate , think ill leave this kind of splorage to the pros though lol
  6. UK Ivy Hospital, Northumberland, Dec 2013

    Great looking place, and fab roof top shot
  7. UK Derby Royal Infirmary December 2013

    Love the look of this place, nice pics and write up