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  1. Heya

    Thanks everybody im glad i found site and yea theres still a good amount of spots left in us myself i'm a big fan of hospitals and they're tearing alot of them down which is sad Ive always admired the hospitals in UK and wanna eventually find my way across the pond
  2. Heya

    So new to site dunno why i never came across it but hey everyone i'm in ny and heres link to my photos, https://www.flickr.com/photos/zakclark
  3. USA House of Vicodin 2015

    of course i know its my fav too and used to go like every weekend or so and sad to say theyre making plans to demo it as well, fuckin sucks. You're in Ct? i miss nsh and theres still couple good spots up your way and yea albany is awful..
  4. USA House of Vicodin 2015

    Well im from poughkeepsie but in albany for time being it sucks here only factories and shit like that so have to drive to go anywhere
  5. USA House of Vicodin 2015

    Very nice set and yea is a shame and hate that all the older spots are being fucked up here. I'm in NY and grateful theres few places left