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  1. Great stuff,still as impressive as it first was when it came on the radar....super pics..
  2. UK Why Heulog - Visited October 2013

    Great report and shots there pal,she is a beut
  3. UK Ivy Hospital Sept 2013

    Great shots!
  4. UK Hospital CR4X, Scotland - August 2013

    Jeepers,,,thats a bit tired!....great/comedy report pal,,,the newer part looks realy good....good luck with your revisit.
  5. UK Severalls... Aug '13

    Cracking stuff...great report.
  6. UK Sweat Shop - Leicester - August 2013

    Cracking pics there shag..
  7. Nice first report pal....and a nice set of pics...
  8. UK Coke works - Wales - Aug 13

    Nice set Mrbeardy,was a top weekend...
  9. UK Red Dress Manor, April 2013

    Great report and pics!
  10. UK orphanage -liverpool - Aug -2013

    Nice one pal...
  11. Worst thing you've discovered when exploring?

    I came across a incredible turd that was off the scale of size on the top deck in Sheffield crown courts...
  12. Abandoned House

    Great stuff!
  13. Lancaster Moor Asylum - June 2013

    Nice set mate...
  14. Top shots H.G....was a goodun...