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  1. Italy Non Plus Ultra May 2015

    Yes an amazing place that sure is. To bad it' is far away fro my place Thanks for sharing!
  2. Belgium Maison de Viron March 16

    Nice serie! Seeing some different shots than the obvious to. I was so close to this one but turned into a fail because the owner was in the premises that day....should go back. grts, Peter
  3. Belgium Chateau Miranda revisit March 2016

    @RodyWe visited Sunday the *** of March, were there from **:** till about **:**. We saw and talked to several people, it was open house that day
  4. Germany the pottery (02/2016)

    Very Nice!
  5. Belgium Forgotten Church, Belgium - Feb 2016

    Nice catch!
  6. Belgium Diesel Power Plant, Belgium - February 2016

    Nice repo! grts
  7. Belgium Chateau Miranda revisit March 2016

    Did a revisit to last weekend. Have the same as you, when the Castle appears in your eyesight, it just enchants you.....shame it will go down one way or the other sooner or later... indeed a deathtrap at some parts grts
  8. Netherlands Huis der vergetelheid

    Goh een huiske in NL, das leuk! Nice report sir, and in NL! grts
  9. 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: and 2 black and whites. 6: 7: Yes a legit location, pay to enter but we were happy we did it. Lovely buildings a lot to see. Very nice caretaker. Yeah a fun visit. Hop you like the photo's! grts, Peter
  10. Belgium Chateau Congo (12-2015)

    December 2015 we made a visit at this Chateau in state of decay, upper floors are not quite safe and some places already collapsed. Still besides the big mess a lot to see at this Chateau. It was a nice visit! Yes the obvious photo of the 2 chairs an couch is missing, guess everybody has seen that a zillion times already 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: 9: 10: Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoyed this short serie. grts Peter.
  11. Belgium Holy Nurse Hospital, Belgium - November 2015

    Nice report, should(wish to) visit that location soon
  12. UK Battersea Power Station, London - October 2015

    Yes, amazing. Wish i could visit that one. Thanks for your report!
  13. Belgium Maison Puce (August 2015)

    The shots in this serie are all Sony A7R with a 24-70 or 28 or 55. Love my cam. On urbex trip i use a second camera also an Olympus E-M10 with some neat lenses. Great tools for both addictions, Photography and Urban Exploring! Thanks for your reply and the interest! grts, Peter
  14. Belgium Maison Puce (August 2015)

    Small house found in Belgium, a neighbor to a very well know urbex location. Vandalists/thieves have been there, place is a bit messed up but we had a good time there. 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: Hope it was worth viewing this post. Grts, Peter
  15. Germany Public Bath Art Nouveau - 2015

    Very nice place and love your report!