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  1. Other RDP Village in PORTUGAL

    One year ago that place was still full of things in there!
  2. RDP stands for Radiodifusão Portuguesa that simply means the beginning of radio broadcasting in Portugal that later on became RTP the first TV channel. This is a small village where all the workers were entitled to not only a home but also a church, theater, infirmary and a school.
  3. Other Viscounts Home [PORTUGAL]

    I'm sorry people I had to remove but now I uploaded again. Please enjoy =D
  4. Other Viscounts Home [PORTUGAL]

    This home belonged to the Viscounts of Vila Verde in Portugal and is believed to be abandoned since de 80's. Enjoy the video =) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rnQqVlQDmU
  5. Old Hostel (PORTUGAL)

    This is an old hostel in Portugal and is abandoned since 1998. Unfortunately I didn't found the history of the place but I hope you enjoy the video =)
  6. The Englishmen Manor (Portugal)

    Thank you hamtagger I'm trying to make portuguese people see that urbex is not equal to vandalism, but yes vandals do destroy things. There's art and passion in what we do. How do I put this thread in the new members section?