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  1. Awesome Set of photos mate! How did you gain permission to enter? Might be a good trip down oneday.
  2. Quick Intro to myself

    Thanks mate! Could you name a few walk ins? I know theres that Cannon Brewery but not sure about any others? Have you visited that Firbeck Hall? That looks interesting and very photogenic!
  3. Quick Intro to myself

    Might be a little while yet till i post but cheers!
  4. Quick Intro to myself

    Thanks Andy!
  5. Quick Intro to myself

    Thanks alot!
  6. Quick Intro to myself

    Hello. Vehicle photography, wildlife. Long exposures etc. Bit of anything really. Looking to take some abandoned places too. Thats on my list next. I hopefully will do soon! Thanks.
  7. Quick Intro to myself

    Cheers! Hopefully they will!
  8. Awesome Photos, Seen this place from the outside, but never been in. Looks like a good place to explore. Sure is on my list to do. Keep up the good work!
  9. Quick Intro to myself

    Good Evening Everyone, Just a quick intro to myself, my name is Ben, and im the Photographer at B T Frewin Photography, hence my profile name, and i currently live in Rotherham. I am pretty much new to the whole urbex scene, but have a ton of experience with my camera and love a good explore. Im just reaching out to fellow rotherham/sheffield urban explores/photographers who wouldnt mind meeting oneday to explore new places and exsisting ones and hopefully get me fully into this. If so, drop me a messege. Cheers.