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  1. France Devils Juice Brewery... (Sept '15)

    Wow. Love this! Whats the deal with the place?
  2. Was pretty bored last night so decided to go for a wander to Elizabeth mill. It's only 5 minutes from my house, yet I never even knew it was there. rounded up a couple of mates, got a quick maccies and off we went. Friedland was mega mega trashed. Like everything that can be broken or smashed was. Looks like it's most recent use was by Stockport College for bricklaying/Plastering as there's loads of bays made out of breeze blocks with some really bad plastering and brickwork. Elizabeth Mill wasn't as bad as i thought it would be, there is a new staircase through the centre of the mill, the top two floors have got the ready made bathroom containers on and there's still a lot of the bathroom pods untouched. the stud partitioning has been put up and a lot kicked through, but considering how bad Friedlands is, it;s not too bad. The roof was fun, it's like a swimming pool so we got up to the only dry point above the staircase. also the highest point We then made a move to the baths, but were unsuccessful in our attempts. which is kind of what I was expecting really. History, copied from another report. Elisabeth Mill is positioned towards the north-eastern corner of the site, and is a four storey red brick mill dating from 1874 that is locally listed. The Friedland building is of a similar scale but is a concrete structure dating from the 1980s and located towards the south-western corner of the site. There is also a temporary single storey contractor/ marketing building towards the western boundary of the site. To the north is Victoria Mill which forms part of the same mill complex as Elisabeth Mill, and this mill building has already been converted to flats. Elisabeth Mill was constructed by Sir William Henry Houldsworth who built most of Reddish. Designed by the renewed architects A.H Stott & Sons of Oldham the uniquely arranged mill is constructed in an L-shaped layout, not too the conventional ‘double mill’ concept. Cotton spinning remained on the its until 1858, when the mills were closed, since then the mill has had several industrial uses until operations cease in 2003. Friedland Mill, is a vast concrete structure as mentioned and was owned by V. & E. Friedland who became the world's largest manufacture of doorbells. Unfortunatly i cant see to find out much about Friedland Mill, i have heard of people it use to be an electrical mill however not much exists in as far as history goes. Friedland Building Elizabeth Mill
  3. But but but but everything on the ginger webs is real. No?
  4. UK Hartford Mill - July 2015

    not seen this place for a while. Looks pretty much the same as it did when we went about 8 year ago. Probably will look the same for the next 10 years lol nice report and photos mate
  5. UK Clare Tooling, Manchester - May 2015

    Nice report and pics mate. This is one that i really regret not doing. Went for a walk down the canal one day but the mrs wouldnt let me get in. Then i forgot about it and saw it in the paper. Now its gone :-( Looked an interesting little place too.
  6. Top report. Always wanted to visit here i thought it was a big no go nowadays. Might have to grow a pair.
  7. France The Foot Factory...

    Simply. Wow. What a place.
  8. Really like that Paul. Nice one fella
  9. UK Lord Line Hull Dec 2015

    Yeah i doubt much can be done with it now, in the main building the staircase that goes around the lift has collapsed at the top a d a few floors are getting a bit unstable now. And like you said unless the dock is filled in i cant see much happening.
  10. UK Kirklees College/Infirmary Dec 2015

    Lol cheers bud, hopefully it's a little bit more relaxed.
  11. UK Kirklees College/Infirmary Dec 2015

    deffo its gonna have to happen. haha not really its just the first picture i came across on my hard drive under 49kb and its Gail Platt shes a massive bell end so why not eh haha
  12. UK Lostock Power Station Dec 2015

    cheers guys
  13. I can't seem to find much information out about it when it was a hospital. Quite a large site really, something I just stumbled upon on the way home from work late one night. Access was quite tricky but after many laps of the place we managed to find a way in. it was 2am absolutely pitch black inside. It blowing an absolute gale, doors, windows and roofing constantly slamming about, there were needles everywhere on the grounds before we got in. Adding this to the fact I hadn't been anywhere for a while, I was a little on edge. I thoroughly enjoyed it and deffo need to get back during daylight. Pictures are pretty shoddy, as said it was black and hard work trying not to use our torches too much. Anyway the little bit of history I can find. There are a few buildings of the campus that are Grade II listed, the admin and business building which was built in 1831 and the statue of King Edward VII which stands outside the admin block in the carpark. It was Huddersfield Infirmary up until 1965 when the new Infirmary opened. In 1967 it became the Ramsden Technical College and opened in 1968, there were a few new blocks added to the site in 1969, and in 1971 when the college changed to just Huddersfield Technical College. In 2008 the college merged with Dewsbury College to become Kirklees College. The college closed fully in 2013 when it relocated to a new campus further up the road. Apparently it has been purchased by Oldham based Wigget group. If anybody has any more info please feel free to add it to the thread, likewise admins feel free to move it to other sites. Also I couldn't find anything on here about the site
  14. Don't know why I have only just discovered this place, wish I'd of got in years ago but ah well still a great explore. Another 2am explore with a non member (think I need to work till midnight more often, it gets me out!) anyways, rambo entrance, kept the head torches off apart from the pics, was fun finding our way around, first thing was the roof! as always. History - copied from another thread. Bowman Thompson & Company originally owned the site but was sold in 1900 to Brunner Mond whom with a seven year closure reconstructed the site producing sixty tonnes of soda ash a day. This figure rose to 800 tonnes a day in 1926 with all of the Brunner Mond assets being turned over to ICI. Lostock a coal fired powerstation was decommissioned in 2000 when E.ON built there new Combined Heat & Power plant at Winnington, Lostock is due to be flattened for a new Sustainable Energy Plant to be built on the site.
  15. some albino fella

    cheers fella


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