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  1. That's really nice and some great pics too.
  2. UK

    Thanks a lot man. Am really pleased with this. Yeah I still take pics, just been lazy n revisiting local spots to make films.
  3. My latest short film turned out to be a bit special. I learnt a lot making this film, from shooting to editing. It could be considered a bit arty farty by some. So I returned to an abandoned house I found just over two years ago. The first visit I didn't get any footage I was happy with so returned with a new plan. Sadly I can't find any history on this small house but I believe the site was once a garden centre. Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed. Apologies to the Raw One for another video report.
  4. UK

    Thanks a lot mate, its really appreciated.
  5. UK

    Thank you kindly.
  6. That's really nice. You told me it was nothing special before you went.
  7. So here we are with another short film. This time at a car graveyard. Quite a few nice bits left behind here including a Mercedes and a Land Rover. Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed.
  8. Really nice looking place
  9. UK

    Thanks a lot peeps. When I heard that music I new it was perfect for that type of intro. Original idea was to just speed the footage up and not stop motion. Yeah I use a slider and a lil clockwork spinning panning thing. That hope stamp is a bit odd.
  10. Really nice shots. It looks to me like they are building some new stuff here.
  11. UK

    So here is a short film I made on a few abandoned train carriages in Norfolk. Probably not going to appeal to all tastes, ya may find the intro comical though. As I have said before I don't want to make shaky cam videos so trying to work out ways of making them with steady shots. Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed. I have a few other bits on my channel from non exploring to tutorials. Feel free to take a look.
  12. That's nicely done man.
  13. Good to see more of here. Nice selection of detail shots too.
  14. UK

    Thanks a lot man. My new ideas are extremely time consuming and involve a lot of traveling too. Hopefully get some clips together soon.


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