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  1. UK ABC cinema in wakefield

    many thanks for the advice pal , was my first venture so will keep your points in mind for nest time .
  2. UK ABC cinema in wakefield

    thanks i have a few more gonna post rest when i get a spare hour
  3. UK ABC cinema in wakefield

    thanks mate the guys who i went along with have been on rather a few so I'm lucky really to have a few friends with at least some experience . we have a trip planned to wales on sunday hopefully weather permitting and I'm really looking forward to it . kev
  4. UK ABC cinema in wakefield

    we heard a few rumours that it was going to be a nightclub but couldn't get a license then its being turned into flats but its in such a poor state i can't see that happening . i have many memories of visiting here when i was a kid . think the last film i watched there was ,,,, super mario brothers ha ha
  5. UK ABC cinema in wakefield

    yeah it is in pretty bad shape but I'm always positive its listed so they won't pull it down . apparently there as been a few grows bust in there over the years , but its a great place for my first adventure ... many thanks
  6. This cinema is in the town centre of wakefield and was my first location of exploration . army nosing threw the skylight Looking out over Eastmoor Above the main screen room Looking down into the main screen room Acces stairwell I think this may be some kind of old style air con turbine unit Flooded basement area Access corridors i believe were used by staff to navigate the huge building We managed to find away across the floods to access more of the cinema An old childs purse we found well mooching about Inside the main room as you can see its in very poor state due to the roof leaking over the years , i think builders or owners have stacked all this wood and scrap More flooded areas we couldn't access Inside the projector room Main room again The screen covered in pigeon crap The lobby leading up to the main screen room Another stairway with some scabby paint Second projector room Stairwell leading into screen area Inside the main room upper balcony area Making are way back out Probably one of the last ever films shown here many thanks to dave ,slick and braden for allowing me along for my first venture ! was an experience and got me totally hooked . i hope you enjoy my shots as much as i enjoyed being there taking them . kev


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