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  1. That's a nice find! Love the little advert too, so cool!
  2. Sounds like this was a fun trip, glad most if it was still there for you. Still looks great with all the guns
  3. Embedding video should happen automatically for all users just by pasting the link. I have edited your post to embed the video, and added the visit date to the title too Thanks for posting!
  4. Shame that's all gone and nothing has been done with it, it looked a nice little little cinema. Some good shots there.
  5. Quite a characterful place, nice pics too.
  6. External, as viewed from Google History Kodak’s first facility to open outside the US was located in Harrow, on a 7 acre plot of land. Opening in 1891, the site was originally used to develop photographs and kept around 100 chickens on site to supply the egg white required to coat the paper. As the factory expanded, production of film rolls started, along with the manufacture of photographic paper. By the 1950s Kodak was the largest manufacturing plant in the British Commonwealth and employed around 6,000 staff. Much more of the production process took place at the Harrow site in years gone by than it did more recently, including more coating and printing of the back of the paper. By the time of closure, only the final photographic coating was applied at Harrow, everything else was done at Kodak's site in Germany before shipping the rolls of paper over to the UK for completion. Production of photographic film ended in 2005, owing to the increasing popularity of digital imaging. As the demand for photographic prints dropped, so did production at the Harrow site. Closure was announced in April 2016, and production ceased in December 2016. No. 2 English Electric turbine with 3.6MW alternator Originally there were two of these, one was removed some time ago Turbine and lubrication systems Turbine control panel English Electric makers plate on access panel The more recent alternator No. 3 - A 5MW English Electric No. 3's Control Panel Wider view of the turbine hall These gas units replaced the old coal-fired boilers The power house control room was a bit disappointing! The retro-styled board behind was interesting - individual square pins marking out the shift patterns The old boiler house Panels and deaerator in the boiler house More panels Base of the old chimney. The chimney and power house building will be retained as part of the new development, although will be re-purposed. Switchroom Moving into the main factory - this was already mainly stripped with only a few bits of machinery remaining... A photosphere inside the control room when it was in use can be seen here Another stripped out control room Labs Lab equipment Melting vats As you approach the production lines called tracks, lighting levels become gradually dimmer. This allowed the operators eyes to adjust to the near-darkness conditions they would be working in during their shift. Rolls of paper are first loaded into the unwinder machine This machine could handle two rolls at once, one feeding into the track, whilst the other was being made ready Next the paper is fed into the coating station which bombards the surface with electrons Back of the coating station, where the paper then moves to the curtain coater to have the photo-sensitive coating applied. Finally, the coated paper is put back onto rolls by the realer, ready to be packed and shipped. The rolls of paper both begin and end their journey in the loading area
  7. I think it's part of the switchgear or something like that. Here's a similar one that's a bit more intact -
  8. USA

    Ah yes, that's the one!
  9. USA

    Hi Carson, welcome to OS! You will first need to upload your photos to a photo sharing website such as Flickr or Photobucket. Both are free and provide links for sharing images. The share buttons on those websites will allow you to copy "BB Code" which you simply paste into your report on here. You need to copy the BB Code for every image you want to include. Once you've done that just hit Preview to check it's all ok and the images will all appear. There used to be a guide for posting images from Flickr, but it doesn't seem to be working at the moment. I'll have a look at getting another one up to help out.
  10. Italy

    This place is amazing! Great pics
  11. The Carousel is secured inside a building, hopefully it will remain that way. My shot was through a window After speaking to ex-staff, it would seem most of the rides are at the end of their life now. Most were used before they were transferred here, and many were only partially open due to maintenance issues. A couple of the better ones have already gone, but I too really hope the carousel finds a good home!
  12. Some really nice looking places there. Looking forward to seeing some more of what you have there


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