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  1. This was clearly an impressive property in its day. I wonder why he's strict about the no photo policy
  2. UK

    Some cracking detail shots there
  3. Quite enjoyed this place. Cracking report there
  4. The purpose-built County Court in Burton Upon Trent opened in 1862 featuring a three storey Italianate stone facade. Inside the courthouse features a double height courtroom with high-level arched windows around every wall, flooding the room with light. The original ornate balustrade survives in the entrance hall, but most of the building has been modernised over the years. The building closed in March 2013 and has been disused ever since. Visited with @SpiderMonkey
  5. UK

    Well, it will certainly be different! I'm not sure ho you'd go about it though, as a wedding venue must be licensed. I don't think you can get temporary or one-off licenses in the UK, and even if you could you'd need to get the owner to get that.
  6. Belgium

    Wow some awesome shots there!
  7. I like this a lot more than I expected to! Great job
  8. Wow I love this place! The photos are amazing
  9. UK

    Nice to see something a bit different being done with video, quite captivating to watch.
  10. Luxembourg

    I'm still jealous of your control panel shot! That gas engine was such an impressive piece of kit, really amazing to see in real life how big it is.
  11. France

    Perfect! So glad we got back to finish this one off
  12. UK

    I like the look of this place, always nice to see it pop up, and nicely captured too.
  13. Nice little time capsule there
  14. I've driven past this one a few times and always liked the look of, stunning looking building, especially considering its purpose.
  15. France

    Nailed this one! Really impressive place.


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