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  1. Belgium Powerplant Yellow Twin

    Great photos there, and nice work climbing the chimney - the view from up there is spectacular!
  2. UK HMP Glen Parva Prison

    That's pretty impressive... you can't beat sneaking into a prison!
  3. Other An Island full of creepy dolls

    Actually eerie! I like it
  4. USA Dog Walker State Hospital - U.S.

    This place is amazing!
  5. The Jordanhill Campus is an historic estate within the boundaries of Jordanhill in Glasgow, Scotland. The buildings have stood empty since 2012, until which time it served as the Faculty of Education of the University of Strathclyde. Sometimes you just can't understand why no one else has posted a report. This is one of those places! Initially @The Amateur Wanderer and I had a look around the place during our Christmas trip to Scotland, and then I returned a short while later with @SpiderMonkey. We only looked around one building, the David Stow Building which is the main attraction, the original and oldest part of the site. There is also a huge 1960s concrete extension behind, but the sooner that gets pulled down the better - we didn't bother with it! History The buildings date back to 1837 when former merchant and educational pioneer David Stow opened the Dundas Vale Normal Seminary, Europe’s first purpose-built training institution for teachers. Some remnants of the old seminary still remain today – rooms with rows of sinks which were more recently used as storage, and wooden lockers can still be found. In 1913 the Glasgow Corporation agreed a deal to buy the estate, and build both a teacher training college and the associated Jordanhill School on the site. A new building was planned to provide teacher training. With the new school completed in 1920 and the college in 1921, the now Grade B listed David Stow Building facilitated all teacher training provided under the unified University of Glasgow. Centrally funded and with no ties with churches, the college was largely non-residential and its range of work was wider. A shortage of teachers throughout Britain in the late 1950s lead to large scale expansion at Jordanhill. Construction of a new purpose-built facility commenced in 1961, replacing a much older manor house on the site. In 1993, the college was required to merge with a higher education facility. The University of Strathclyde approached the college, and an agreement between both institutions was reached. In 1993 Jordanhill College became the Faculty of Education of the University of Strathclyde. With better use of facilities, and an ageing campus at Jordanhill which was highly protected by preservation orders, in 2010 the decision was made to close Jordanhill campus and move the Faculty all courses to its John Anderson Campus. 2011-12 was the last academic year held at the Jordanhill Campus before the move took place. David Stow Building - Entrance Hall Francis Tombs Hall Staircases and Corridors Teaching rooms and facilities Other areas Hidden Relics There were a few areas around the building that hadn’t been refurbished and contained relics from older uses...
  6. Other Raouf Hotels Sharm El Sheikh January 2018

    Can't beat a bit of warm sunshine, but a look inside would be cool
  7. Poland Cinema, Poland - 2018

    Yep, that's pretty impressive. Liking the projectors a lot.

    Very interesting. How nice to see all these in one place
  9. Italy Villa Scorpio - June 2017

    Interesting place, loving that last room
  10. Poland Ironworks

    This place is epic! That machine hall with all the lathes in a row is just amazing. Lovely photography too.
  11. UK Kodak harrow 2016

    Nice to see you posting this on here. I'm quite a fan of those English Electrics
  12. Poland Glassworks

    It's amazing all that glassware is just left like that. Nice find.
  13. USA The last days of Congoleum

    Loving those characters outside!
  14. Poland Thermal gym

    This place is amazing! Such lovely old machinery, and captured very well.
  15. UK WESTLETON. Suffolk. January 2016

    Giving out access details to any site on a public forum isn't the done thing, as it leads to places getting sealed up and points vandals/thieves in the right direction. Post up a few reports so people can see you're a legitimate explorer and then people may be more inclined to help you out via PM.