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  1. Italy Colonia B. - 06/2017

    This is nice. I especially like that medical room
  2. Serbia Serbian luxury hotel

    This place looks amazing!
  3. Germany Spaßbad A.

    Cool find! Some nice looking bits in there.
  4. Germany Miners cages - [visit .../2017]

    The miners put their belongings into the cages and then raise them up using a chain and lock off the chain using a padlock so the cage is out of reach. So yes, essentially the same as lockers. This is the nicest one I've seen.
  5. Germany Sanatorium A.

    Lots of decay. Check. Indoor plants. Check. Curvey walls and ceilings. Check. A big hall. Check. Corridor of doors. Check. A few bits of equipment. Check. This place has everything you'd want from an abandoned sanatorium. Very nice
  6. USA Prison (U.S)

    What a fascinating history. This must have been a surreal place to explore, while thinking about all the people who suffered there. Fantastic pictures!
  7. Luxembourg Terre Rouge (visited 10/2017)

    Some really nice pics there Andy. Cool selfie too
  8. Cool old place that, looks great
  9. France Hospital Plaza - december 2016

    I see what you mean about the sunlight, that's lovely.
  10. Some really nice images there mate, nice one
  11. Some nice shots there mate. Good report, all came together nicely.
  12. Formed in 1864 when Samuel Russell moved to Leicester from Loughborough, the brass and iron foundry based its head office, engineering and foundry operations on Bath Lane in Leicester.The company later became S. Russell & Sons when his two sons joined the firm in 1881. As the company expanded, 1920 saw the opening of a further works in Bonchurch Street in the Woodgate area of Leicester. The Bonchurch Street foundry produced medium-sized castings, weighing 30-100kg primarily for the hydraulics and rail industries. The Bonchurch Street foundry was taken over by Chamberlin & Hill Castings in 2004 and S. Russell & Sons were dissolved the following year. By 2016 demand for the products produced at the foundry had dwindled, and management announced it would be closing by the end of that year. Furnaces Starting where the raw materials and scrap metal arrive, the furnaces would melt it all down ready to be poured into moulds The three electric furnaces Looking across the furnaces with incoming scrap area to the right The tiniest control room I've ever seen This rather nice control panel was set to one side of the furnaces Inductotherm control panel Casting and moulding This is where the molten metal is cast in moulds Floor mould for larger castings Hand mould shop Hand mould shop Handling and Blast Cleaning The next stage of the process is to cool and open up the moulds and then clean up the castings Moving through to the handling area Sand and dust processing Hunter HV Turntable Hunter HV mould handling machine Hunter HV mould handling machine Continuous Tumblast cleaning machine Beside the CT3 View towards offices Roller conveyors Roller conveyors with boxes for moving castings Roller conveyors with boxes for moving castings A large area was dedicated to shotblasting Shotblasting machine Core Shop The core shop is where cores are machined. The cores create voids or spaces inside the castings, and are often destroyed in order to remove them when opening the moulds. Eurocor machines in the core shop Eurocor Corjob-H16 Inside the core machine Machining area Area for manual machining of cores Racking with a few cores Shelves of cores Core store room Finishing and Dispatch The building housing the heat treatment, finishing and dispatch facilities was a later addition, one of the last buildings to be built on the site. Heat treatment area Kiln for heat treatment Finishing workstation The finished product, although these castings were rejects Workshops As well as the production areas, there were a number of workshops to support the main functions of the factory The main workshop was crammed full with machines Main workshop Main workshop 1922-45 regulations still on display Items in office Old office with various items Bathhouse and Office Block The bathhouse was quite an old building, with a few features remaining. Unfortunately nice skylights and features in the offices had been covered by suspended ceilings. Bathhouse showers Locker room Small lab Externals Main buildings Repton Street elevation Ghost sign revealing the buildings origins as S. Russell & Sons Ltd, Ironfounders
  13. Welcome EveDestruction

    Hi Eve, welcome! Looking forward to seeing some reports
  14. That's a really cool pool (lollimg at my own word combo!) The arched windows and balcony are interesting. And I'm amazed the old spa bath is still there, that's impressive.
  15. USA Scouting an Abandoned Railroad and Tunnels

    Welcome to the forum Rob. These old rolling stock look cool, thanks for sharing
  16. USA army of the 12 monkeys

    This is definitely in the top 1 of abandoned power plants in the US! Awesome
  17. Belgium Jumanji - [visit 10/2k17]

    Woah! What an amazing place. Any idea what this was for?
  18. Germany Powerplant T... - [visit 05/2k17]

    Oh wow!! What a lovely old place. Really like this
  19. Italy Manicomio Di Quarto - April 16

    Ohhhh that's a bit nice!
  20. Italy Powerstation P - April 16

    Yep, agree with above, number 5 FTW.
  21. France Leopold Bunker (visited 10/2017)

    Wow those lines of light in picture 3 are fantastic
  22. Some cool shots there. I especially like the last one
  23. Germany The clowns dancing

    That's a really cool place! Never seen a nightclub in a tent before.
  24. The chateau is one of the many large abandoned houses that can be found around France. Built in the 1700s by the lord of the village it is within, the house has been modified and expanded over the years. The vaulted basement contains a full size snooker table below the original arched ceiling. A large stone fireplace is the centre-point of a sitting area to one end of the basement. The front entrance opens directly to a small stone staircase, leading up to the main living areas which are slightly raised from ground level, or down to the basement. Visited with @SpiderMonkey