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  1. Czech Republic Church VIP

    The unused neo-baroque church in Bohemia fom year 1767, with still functional organ! This one is not free accessible. We had to ask permission from diocese. More photos you can find on my flickr. . . . . . . .
  2. Czech Republic resort atlantys (01/2016)

    Hi! Nice pics! But thats in Germany.
  3. Germany the pottery (02/2016)

    Again nice photos and place!
  4. Small rural church in one sleepy hollow on the west. The neoromantic chapel was built in 1884-1886. And last Mass was held in 1946. Since 2010 Historic landmark. . . . . . . . .
  5. Czech Republic Castle "Mafia"

    Meny thanks guys!
  6. Other The Spanish Mirage House

    Great place, well done! And 6th photo is the best nice postprocess too
  7. Belgium HF6

    Really nice pics!
  8. Czech Republic Castle "Mafia"

    Hey thank you very much all!
  9. Hi all! My first report is about castle in the Czech republic. I heard thats owned by Russian businessman and Russian mafia muderer your enemies here. Horrifying story or funny fairytale? Better not to know. Thanks for looking! I would like to invite you on our FB page https://www.facebook.com/urbexteamkralupy/ . by Michal Seidl, on Flickr Zámek při západu... by Michal Seidl, on Flickr Castle V.D. by Michal Seidl, on Flickr . by Michal Seidl, on Flickr . by Michal Seidl, on Flickr Castle VD. by Michal Seidl, on Flickr . by Michal Seidl, on Flickr . by Michal Seidl, on Flickr


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