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  1. UK Abandoned Apothecary

    Visited this place about 2 years ago with Katia and James. The shop was left as it was when it closed over 50 years ago, full of old bottles with stuff still in them. Probably one of the best sites I've done over the years considering how much is in there. But recently a few cabinets have been taken which is a shame. But thats why I cant share it, which also means I cant give out any history either. Ill shut up now and let the photos do the talking. More photos here https://www.flickr.com/photos/scrappynw/sets/72157680831523783/with/34395914850/
  2. UK The axe house June 2017

    I do like that hallway. nicely done mate.
  3. France Arsenal Metro Ghost Station Sept 16

    nicely done mate, need to get down and do a tube station.
  4. I really like this, well done.
  5. UK TG Greens, Derbyshire, Sept 16

    Great shots, very crisp. Makes me want to go back
  6. UK HMP Shrewsbury (Permission) - September 2016

    Nice report, I really enjoyed this one.
  7. One of the better condition asylums I've been to over the years, which ain't surprising with it only closing in 2011. With it taking over 7 hours to get up to the place camping on the beach for an early start was the best option. After avoiding the crazy amount of dog walkers we finally managed to find a way in and it was worth it for the older looking side to the hospital. I mostly spent my time in the older looking side to the place as you can see from my photos. The newer side was a bit trashed and very much a modern looking hospital. A great explore cut short by the time it would take to get back south of the border. Brief history:- Sunnyside Royal hospital was a psychiatric hospital founded in 1781 located in Hillside, Scotland. The hospital was originally founded as the Montrose Lunatic Asylum, Infirmary & Dispensary. In 1858 the hospital moved to a newly built site on the land of Sunnyside farm. Over the years a few extensions and additional buildings were added including name changes. After being open for 230 years most patients were sent to a new £20 million build at Stracathro Hospital.
  8. UK Rylands Mill, Wigan August 2016

    That's crap, but to be honest I thought they would have sealed them years ago.
  9. UK Rylands Mill, Wigan August 2016

    I was also going to say about the shelters within the grounds. Not a bad place and a few good shots to be had. Shame about the fall but it happens to everyone.
  10. Still need to get over and give this place a go. nicely done mate.
  11. UK Sunnyside Hospital, August 2016

    Hahaha we found your cider left in there. Good work on that
  12. Nice shots mate, shame about the guy walking in your shots.
  13. UK St Joseph's College, Upholland Sept' 16

    hahaha great report and loved the way it ended.
  14. Very nice, great looking site this.
  15. I really like this. Cant beat a bit of industrial.
  16. UK British Gas, Leeds. July 2016

    thats not a bad rooftop mate, nice work.
  17. UK Sunnyside Hospital, August 2016

    Thanks, found the fungus waiting out the security hahaha
  18. UK Strathenden Hospital, August 2016

    We also went here on the way back down. The locked doors was a real pain, but worth it I thought. nice set mate.
  19. Nice, I didn't think there would be much at all left here . Good to see there is still some shots to be had.
  20. Other Armour factory, Budapest. May 2016.

    That looks great, well done
  21. UK The Tone Mills, Somerset - July 2016

    next time im down this way ill be checking this place out. I got cut short by local chavs playing with fire in st. Josephs orphanage the other week, I climbed out and phoned the police on the little gits.
  22. UK 'The Ark,' Greenbank Synagogue. July 2016

    Great to see this place again. might even do a revisit myself. great set.
  23. UK Pram Cottage, Wales, March 2016

    really liking this one. nice work
  24. well done on getting in. I want to go back here myself.